the answers are....

1. What is my first name? Lori

2. What is my husband's name? (bonus if you know when his birthday is) Richard, Nov 14th

3. What is my dogs name? (bonus points if you know what kind of dog she is)Abby, Shiba Inu

4. What is Blake's middle name? Thomas

5. What is Colby's middle name? Patrick

6. What was one of the other names I was considering when pregnant with Colby? (1 pt for each name you can remember) Dean, Shane, Quinn, Trent

7. When is my birthday? May 4th

8. Where did I live before I moved to FL? (bonus points if you know what other state I lived in too) MA and NY

9. How did Richard and I meet? He bought my phone number for $20

10. How long have we been married? (bonus point if you know what month too) 4.5 years (June 17, 2004)

11. What is my favorite flower? rose (just not red)

12. When is Blake's birthday? Nov. 11th

13. When is Colby's birthday? June 4th

14. Name something that happened on Richard's birthday (beside it being his birthday) (1 point for each thing you can name) we got engaged, we closed on our house, Blake came home from the hospital

15. What college do Richard and I have football season tickets to (hint it was the theme for Blake's birthday party)? UCF

16. What day of the week do I post videos? Friday

17. What day of the week do I post scrapbook pages? Sunday

18. How close in age are my boys? 18.5 months

19. What is something I like to do when I'm not using the computer? bake, read, play with the boys, take pictures, etc...

20. Why did I start blogging? Richard convinced me to because he thought it would be good to share how I use my teaching background in how we raise our sons

Winners to come soon!!



  1. Oooh man, I forgot about the time change.....

  2. i can't wait to see who won!!! yay!!!


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