A Husbands Perspective

We interrupt the regularly scheduled post for this "important" post.

Hello world (or the subset that is reading this blog), I'm Richard, Lori's husband. I'm a software engineer working for a large defense contractor developing virtual training systems. Lori was thinking about what to do for her blog'o'vesary and one of the things she mentioned was getting me signed up to post. So here we are.

The next question I had to answer was what to post about. There were a number of options to consider. I could write about manly stuff, but that's not exactly the audience that's reading this ( I don't want to drive people away). I could recount some of our special moments, from my point of view, but that seemed like it'd just be a copy/paste of what Lori has written about in the past, with a few details changed so that were correct (I'll pay for that one). I could compare and contrast how dealing with two children under 2 compares to leading a team of six software engineers (who sometimes seem to act like 2 year olds). But I'll leave that for another time. I could talk about what I do at work when I'm not herding cats engineers.

I wasn't sure where to go, then it came to me while I was going to the bathroom (don't you know that's where the best thinking is done, along with the shower. 95% of all statistics are created in one of those two places. ) I was reading an article in Wired magazine when it struck me. (Wired magazine, btw is really a collection of ads, with some articles in between printed with a color scheme that could trigger a seizure) If I hadn't been reading this article in the bathroom, I would have just wasted 10 minutes. It was an article by Scott Brown called 'Best Crash Ever', and I'm not sure if it had a point. But the bigger question that this raised for me was, how come men read in the bathroom? And why don't women seem to spend very much time in the bathroom at all? Is it the whole pee standing up vs. sitting down thing? Those are all very good questions, or at least things that would make you go, "Huh, what's wrong with you?" See what Lori gets to deal with all of the time?

So to summarize: First post; Many topics to choose from; Bathroom reading; Wired articles that are a waste of time; Peeing sitting vs. standing.

Love you Lori. Bet you didn't think you'd still be doing this and that you would be telling me what html tags to use. :)

Thanks everyone for reading this far. Maybe next time I'll write a more sofisticated post, instead of resorting to toliet humor (but probably not).



  1. Ha! Too funny!

    I have to admit that I hide in the bathroom reading...it's the only moment I get to myself some days. I don't often have epiphanies in there like you do though ;-) Must be a guy thing :P

  2. I make my list for the day in my morning shower...so I can relate somewhat...the other thing is definitely a guy thing. My hubby reads in there too:)

  3. Very funny post. Now I see how you and Lori are perfect for each other!
    I read in the bathroom also. Sometimes that is the only place I get TO read and be by myself for a while I guess.

    Thanks for taking the time to post.

  4. That's funny although I must say neither me or my hubby read in the bathroom. We are both in and out kind of people.

  5. Very funny, so nice that Richard gets involved with your blog... I like to hide in the bathroom too....

    Happy New Year.

  6. ha... you do what you can, when you can... sometimes in the can.

    see... that's what living with 5 boys has taught me.

  7. haha...a bunch of random thoughts, but comical none the less!

    i don't think women get the privacy in bathrooms that men can get sometimes! i know i sure don't...dh does get more...sometimes!


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