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Lisa at Adventures in JujuBoo had this on her blog so I say... sure I'll play along. If you want to play along... write me a comment that says Interview me, and I'll send you 5 questions for you to post on your blog.

On with my answers...

Question one:
If you had not decided to be a teacher, what would you have been and why? I wanted to be a teacher from about the 6th grade so this is hard. I guess probably an engineer of some kind or some other job in the mathematical sciences. I love math and enjoyed physics and subjects like that in college.

Question two:
How long did you teach kindergarten and will you go back to teaching it when you boys are grown or will you chose another grade? I choose kindergarten because I loved my kindergarten teacher. I also love the freedom that should be provided to a kindergarten teacher. There is also the whole aspect of being a child's first connection to the education system. I wanted to be the one who taught children to love to learn. Kindergarten is such a different world... it is nothing like pre-K and absolutely nothing like 1st grade... I always said it takes a special person to be a kindergarten teacher. But, it is also a grade that you can burn out from quickly and in my opinion far too often a grade that people stay in even after they are burnt out. I can say with almost certainty that I will not go back to teaching kindergarten when I go back to work. If I do go back into the public school system, I will probably try to get a pre-K position. If I had to go back to work today I would probably try to get into a college position. I feel this will provide me a bit more freedom, be a change and a challenge all at the same time. I will not go back into a job just to have a job. Yes, the money will be good once I get back to working, but I can't be stressed out at work and then bring that home to my family. I have to find something new that I love. (wow that got a bit long winded)

Question three:
You are so crafty with all your scrapbook pages and the way you change your blog. I love the blue and the snowflakes you have up right now. Do you have any other hidden talents or anything you think you are crafty at that you would like to share? I like to do crafts, but I wouldn't really call myself crafty... lol! I do cross stitch. I haven't done any big projects lately, but I have made some baby albums (and to shock you all... I did not make one for either of my boys). I cross stitch a piece for the front cover and then cover the album in fabric. I've made wedding ones also. I can't say I have any other real talents to share.

Question four:
I had mentioned on Julia's birthday post about how her name wasn't even a name we had considered when I was pregnant with her. Were Blake and Colby names you had picked out ahead of time? Were they named for anyone? Blake and Colby were both names that came up on the lists for them. Both boys were named in the delivery room, but we had decided ahead of time that they would be ____ unless I looked at them and they didn't fit the name. (yes I totally understood your post about Julia!). I had the middle names set before the first names. Neither boy is named for anyone. We debated on that, but because I felt it had to represent both sides of the family and we could not come up with combinations that we liked we looked outside the box. Let me tell you picking the names of my boys was tough, but I think their names totally fit them.

Question five:
When your boys are grown and out of the house (I know, no mom wants to think about that) where will you go or what will you do? You know... I don't know! LOL. One thing I've always talked about doing is going back and getting my EdD (Doctorate of Education), but there is a good chance I'll do that before the boys are grown. In 18 years, I'll be in my 50s so who knows where my life will be at that time. Richard and I aren't the type to just up and travel. And, I can't see us moving so sadly I have to say... probably just more of the same.

Thanks Lisa... this was fun. Great questions. I hope that I answered your questions.


  1. that was fun! and oh the name game...the second is so much harder!

    you can TOTALLY interview me...when you have time! hehe

  2. That was fun, to learn more about you. I think if would be fun to be interviewed.

  3. That was fun. Were you scared what questions she would ask?

  4. Fun! I like how her questions were specific to you. I have seen this going around right now, and most are very generic questions, but still good. So fun to read everyones answers.

  5. Those were cool questions and I totally agree with everything you said about yourself LOL!! I would say interview me if you want! It is up to you.

  6. Those are great questions, for getting to know you better.

    Thanks for playing!!

  7. How fun! Thanks for sharing all that stuff about yourself and your family!

  8. That was fun. You can most definitely interview me whenever you want :)


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