Not Me Monday (week 13)

Is it really Monday? Seems like we already had Monday this week. Richard went to work both Sat. and Sun. this week, so for us our week should be half over already... RIGHT??

Anyway... it's time for Not Me Monday again. Last week MckMomma took a week off since it was the holidays and well she was busy with life. I was going to take last week off because of my blogoversary give-away so it worked out for me.

So now it's time to unload all those things that you wish never happened... stop by my charming kids and add your Not Me's to the list!

On Christmas Colby did NOT spit up all over the back of my head

I did NOT have my Christmas dinner pretty much flop. I would never try a new cooking technique on such an important meal and then end up having to change gears mid-way through the cooking process

I did NOT end up sleeping on the couch with Colby more than once in the last few weeks. Nope I wouldn't give in and do that with him just to get a bit of sleep myself.

I did NOT put books under the legs of Colby's crib to raise up one end to see if slanting his bed would help him sleep better in it (shhh it did!)

I did NOT have to wash Blake's blanket because Colby spit up all over it, and then I certainly did NOT forget I put it into the washing machine until the next morning and then have to wash it all over again

I did NOT convert our guest room into a playroom because there are too many toys now. And I certainly did NOT wonder why I didn't do this a long time ago!!

I did NOT create a spreadsheet to track Colby's sleep schedule... nope I'm not that concerned about getting him on a schedule and / or the amount of sleep he has

I did NOT totally slip on the fact that Colby turned 7 months yesterday ... I would certainly post about that on my blog


  1. Spitting up!!!! Oh dear we have a lot of those here!!! Sarah likes to do it!!!!

    Last night from 11 pm to 9 am she went trough 4 sleepers, 6 reviving blankets, 2 of my PJ, one pillow case, less then 1 hour of sleep!!!!!

    With all of this I need to do tuns of laundry today with no sleep Oh fun!!!!

  2. You are too funny with your spreadsheet! How many hours does he usually sleep during the day? at night? What? No pics of the dinner.

  3. Spit up on your head...books and the crib...what a week! Hope your Monday is a GREAT one!

  4. Oh, I feel for you on the sleep issue. My little Goose was horrible for a long time... lol over the spit up, sorry....

  5. We have throw up around here over the holidays too- what is it about the holidays and throwing up on your mommy?

  6. So sorry to hear about the spit up in your hair...Colby is very talented. LOL

  7. Ok those made me laugh. Oh and I put a huge pillow under Lyndsy's mattress once to see if it would help her. It didn't she just ended up slumped over. Glad you had better results.

  8. I loved your not me's. I would never leave the laundy in the washer and have to re-wash it either! I can also totally relate to the playroom thing, our family room has been overtaken *grin*!

  9. Sounds like you have had a challenging week. :)

  10. He spit up all over your head? You poor thing! haha. I know how that is though. Jackson peed all over me yesterday. while we had company. *sigh* haha.

  11. oh... spit up is not fun.. especially on the head.. sorry!!


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