Not Me Monday (week 14)

Here we are on Monday again... and it's time to reflect on all those things that you would NEVER do during the week

1. I did NOT watch Blake run up and down the steps during mass at Colby's Baptism

2. I certainly did NOT almost burst out laughing when he sat down on the bottom step and then laid down right there

3. I did NOT think that every person in church was probably confused when Richard took Blake out and did not come back in with him... knowing full well that they did not see my father-in-law leave towards the beginning and was out in the hallway already.

4. I did NOT get frustrated when I was trying to do too many different things all at the same time and people wanted to ask me questions right then... nope I have more patience than that

5. I did NOT eat ice cream after everyone left on Sunday... no I've sworn off food after dinner I certainly wouldn't have a bowl of ice cream especially since I had a cupcake while everyone was here

6. I did NOT take Blake to the park knowing that it would wear him out and then I could get a long walk in after.

7. I would never forget the rest of the things I did during the week... nope I wouldn't block out the memory of all those things that go wrong!

Thanks for laughing listening to me ramble on... pop over to my charming kids and read what MckMomma did not do... and everyone else too!


  1. Great NMM! I would have lost patience too!

  2. I was cracking up about Blake running up and down the stairs and then laying on the bottom one...I am sure he stole the show for a while. Too cute!

  3. The church scene was cracking me up. :) Now I want a cupcake and a bowl of ice cream.

  4. GREAT NMM :) Church people crack me up sometimes!!!

  5. oh I would never eat ice cream!!! especially after a cupcake, not me!!!! lol

  6. I would have cracked up when he laid down too!

  7. haha...I would have burst out laughing if #2 happened to me too! :)


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