Random ramblings

There are lots of things on my mind right now so here's one of my rambling posts

1. Why is it that every time someone asks about Colby sleeping through the night brings about a night of no sleep??

2. I can't imagine how cold the rest of the country is going to be tonight when we have a low of 30 forecasted with the windchill it will be in the 20s... hello people this is Orlando

3. Having Blake fall asleep in the hallway again baffles me, but at least he didn't scream this time

4. Watching Blake interact with Colby makes me proud

5. Realizing that I haven't posted much positive about Blake lately made me sad and a bit mad at myself... he is a joy to be around for the most part and loves life. I love my little guy and am so proud of the boy he has already become. Now if we can just get past this bump in the road we will be fine (until the next bump)

6. I think Blake maybe getting his 2 year old molars ... he will NOT let you get your finger in his mouth, but I did get it in for a second before he tried to bite me. I think I may have felt a bump. Yes, that may explain a LOT.

7. I can feel Colby's bottom two teeth. They are so close to the top and then maybe he will be a bit less drooly, at least it doesn't seem to be effecting his mood too much (man I hope I didn't just shoot myself in the foot for saying that!)

8. The I heart faces blog contest have made me focus on taking pictures of my boys faces even more. It is hard to capture the right moment with my point-and-shoot, but I think I get some pretty decent pictures. I find myself already thinking about trying to find the right picture for next weeks contest with "joy" as the theme. I realize that since professionals can "play along" I have pretty much no shot of winning, but it's still fun

9. I decided to drop out of a few parenting boards I was on. I decided that I needed to focus on my attention on my boys and choose to keep up my blog and drop the others. I can't use the computer without a mini-helper for the most part... except times like now where I'm letting him watch tv, or when he naps... hahaha!

10. Well my mini-helper is pushing me away so I must end my list

Have a great day...


  1. aww poor boy. I can't believe I didn't even think of that. Teething does seem to surface off and on all through those years. That would make a lot of sense.

  2. Great thoughts.. I need to make sure I continue to post about Leala's good points.. even when she's acting like a brat.. haha. :)

  3. i think we have all but 1 molar in...thank goodness! i can't wait to be done! hopefully colby won't be too much trouble and blake gets back to sleeping!

  4. Poor guys! Hope those teeth come through and the sleeping through the night goes on again!

  5. I love your random thoughts...maybe that should be your meme? Pretty good huh? Everyone has random thoughts.

  6. Aaron told me the other day there was a 75 degree difference between Miami and Chicago. That is INSANE!!

  7. 30 degrees! Yikes! That is sad for Orlando!

  8. Praying things will get better. I can not remember how long Goose slept on the floor for. Either way, we all survived, and she sleeps in a bed now.

    I agree with the photo site, too bad the do not have an amatuer and pro contest each week.

  9. We love your random thoughts. Keep 'em coming and good luck with all the winter craziness!


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