random weekend thoughs

1. Snot + 7 month old = tough night sleep

2. Why is it that even with a list you still can manage to forget something at the grocery store

3. Getting out and moving always feels good

4. Having a dog with a partially torn ACL makes life interesting

5. Changing decorations over from Christmas to snowman keeps the season going without the Santa and trees, but always seems strange since we don't get snow here

6. Watching Blake and Colby play together more and more reminds me why I had two kids within two years

7. Colby is getting Baptized tonight so I should be cleaning and not blogging so I'll make it a short list today


  1. It must be wonderful to see the boys play together! Snot always makes for bed sleep!!!

  2. I can't wait to see Leala interact with her future siblings. It will be fun. :)

  3. Blessings to your family on this special day...

    I agree with the two kids, it is all worth the work of having them so close....

  4. We've got snot too...no babies, but every does I think right now! Excited for Mr. Colby...good luck on cleaning and maybe sleeping tonight :)

  5. I hate forgetting things at the grocery store. And forgetting one thing is worse than forgetting a bunch of things. I'll go back for a bunch of things but one thing, just ticks me off!

  6. hope colby feels beter! goodluck with the baptism.

    it must be weird to live in a place with no snow in the "winter" after being in MA and NY!

  7. I hope Jacob will have as much playing with his future brother and sister and your two little ones. As for the snowman decorations that is a great idea. Once all the Christmas decorations are put away in the new year it feels so final and sudden. Hope the runny nose goes away soon!

  8. I know I am glad my girls are so close too. I love my siggys too! THanks!

  9. Enjoy Colby's baptisim, what a special occasion.

    Lucky you not to get any snow.

  10. I like to keep snowmen up too. Once you take everything from Christmas down, it looks so bare. It is a nice transition til you get Valentine decorations up.
    We have been dealing with 2 snotty noses here too. N and me. Will it ever go away!!

  11. I hear you on the snot and a 7 month old issue...we've got the same problem here...I THINK it's getting better now though...got my fingers crossed!!


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