random weekend thoughs

1. Trying to figure out why Blake doesn't want to sleep in his own bed makes for a bit of frustration!

2. Getting excited when he gives in and goes to sleep is a strange and wonderful feeling... lol

3. Going 3 days without tv was great, but tv for children is a wonderful break too

4. Watching Blake play computer games with letters and getting them right was great... it's amazing how much you can see he knows even though he can't express himself verbally

5. When it dips down into the 30s in Florida you know the country is having a cold snap!

6. Seeing my siggies on other people's sites is fun... guess I should do another give-away soon... maybe when I hit 10,000... and yes I'm getting close... how shocking is that?

7. I feel like it is time to start up a blog carnival on my blog, I just can't figure out what to do yet... any thoughts?

8. Getting out on my roller blades last Sunday and then working out of the Bowflex on Tuesday felt good... boy I need to work out more!

9. Using the computer with Blake means that I can't get on myself as often because he wants to use it every time I log on... guess we have computer geek in training

10. Well I forgot the last thing I was going to type because Blake is pushing every button and distracting me! OH well

any random thoughts for you this weekend


  1. It's cold here too!

    Caleb and Blake must be related because he's trying to push every button also. He just tried to send Internet Explorer and Windows Media Center to the recycle bin a minute ago :)

    Hope you have a great weekend!

  2. thanks for sharing this post! All my taught are random (lack of sleep makes my head go really random LOL)

  3. I love my siggies, and working out does feel great. Just starting is hard.

  4. oh how I wish for the 30's! It was 9 here yesterday- that is way too cold for me!

  5. I am with Pam..it was 9 here yesterday- very cold! My random thought is- not being able to figure out why internet explorer won't open my blog is driving me batty!

  6. Wow, 10,000 huh? I'm in the 80s.. hehe..

    Yay for working out.. I need to too. :)

  7. I was thinking of u yesterday when the weather peeps were talking about FL dipping into the 30s. We had 5 here in PA this AM!


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