random weekend thoughs

Well... as you know this is pre-posted, but I didn't want to skip posting my random weekend thoughts. Next week I think I may make this a blog carnival... what do you think??

1. Getting out to a concert is always fun. And, Jim Brickman is a great concert to go to see. This was our second time going to see him in concert and we would totally go again!

2. Getting away is a necessary thing and something that all parents need to do from time to time. I always say that a happy mommy has time away from her kiddos and time alone with her hubby. And you know what they say about a happy house

3. Ordering pizza for dinner is always a treat

4. Being able to fit in all my pre-pregnancy clothes makes dressing a whole lot easier. I also can fit into a pair of jeans I bought that are the next size smaller... they aren't comfortable enough to wear around yet, but I don't have a muffin-top when I wear them so it's just a matter of a bit more time.

5. Watching Blake interact with the tv shows makes me laugh (I have a video of this for next week's Friday videos)

6. I so can't believe that I'm that close to 10,000 hits! You all ROCK!

7. Guess I need to start thinking about next month's blog layout and desktops for Richard and myself. I'm thinking of doing Valentine's Day, but not red or pink... what do you think about doing lime green and brown or maybe black and white... I don't know just yet

8. Colby is getting a lot more mobile... just going backwards not forwards (yes I have a video of this for you too... lol)

9. I think I have found my picture of joy for I heart faces, but now I need to find time to play with the pic in PSE... hmmm time yeah that's the challenge

10. Thank you all for your support with the sleep issues here... Blake still refuses to sleep in his room (nevermind his bed), but at least he has napped in the hallway and will stay asleep when moved at night. Colby slept better the last few nights... we will see how they do while I'm away

11. You know you are tired when you fall asleep totally dressed at 8pm and only wake up because your 2 year old wakes up in the hallway startled.

12. Oh and it is warming up again here... 3 days of temps in the 30s overnight is more winter than we need in Orlando


  1. Love # 2 & 3. Pizza is always a fun treat on a weekend here and there. As for going out, I wish to do it, and I know it would be soooo good for me individually and for Ryan and I but so far it has yet to happen lol. Enjoy your outing! Can't wait to see what your new feb. blog style will be like.

  2. HOpe you are enjoying your time away. I love these random posts...but you know that already. Ordering pizza is always nice.

  3. I like the black and white idea for your new desktop themes!! :)

  4. i LOVE Jim Brickman! I would love to see him in concert!

  5. Ok the muffin top comment cracked me up. I've never heard of that before but I know I will being saying that a lot now! Oh and congrats on fitting in the clothes. That's always a great feeling!


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