random weekend thoughs (the Valentine's Day version)

1. I believe that Valentine's day is a day that was created to remind people who are single that they are single... lol

2. From my freshman year in college up until I got married I always wore all black on Valentine's Day

3. Valentine's day is a fun day to spend with children because they get excited over all the little ways you show love

4. Richard and I don't exchange gifts on Valentine's day, but he got me a sweet card, what more could I ask for? (well maybe having him sign it would have been nice)

5. Blake and I made heart shaped sugar cookies earlier this week... he is eating the last one right now (guess we made them too early?)

6. I put the boys Valentine's shirts on them yesterday since we were running errands, but never took a picture of them... oops... guess I'll have to put them on another day

7. Having Richard home over the whole weekend is a great treat for us (he's been working the last few weekends)

8. Going to the grocery store yesterday was funny to see how many people were in just to buy Valentine gifts

Happy Valentine's Day!

Lori, Richard, Blake and Colby



  1. Happy Valentine's Day. Please do get a picture of the kids in their shirts.

  2. Yes, the stores were a mess yesterday with people last minute shopping like Christmas...LOL
    Happy Heart Day!

  3. Ohhh, I'd love to see their valentine's shirts sometime! And yeah, we don't exchange valentines gifts either...just cards and probably something extra special that we can just DO for each other (not buy). :)

  4. Happy Valentines! I would love to see the kids in their adorable shirts.

  5. Oh yes, I can relate to #1!!! It's true!

  6. Oh my yes, I went to the mall yesterday to get my rings checked (for the insurance) and went into the jewelry store. Talk about mad chaos! There were about 15 men (and woman) practically pushing each other around to get service first!

  7. The black thing made me laugh, V-day is such a commercial holiday, I totally see your point!

    But the kids love it don't they!

    Happy belated V-day to you!

  8. had to laugh about the unsigned card - we've done that! this way you can sign it and give to him next year.

  9. I can't believe how many people spend money of flowers and gifts. It was a madhouse atShoprite on Friday. Spending time with my family is what made the day special. We forgot to get E in her outfit too!


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