random weekend thoughs

1. Seeing Colby get ready to crawl is exciting and scary all at the same time. I'm so excited for him to see his learning process and watch him excited to get from place to place. But, at the same time it means I will have TWO mobile children who will probably be going in two different directions at the same time

2. Getting out of the house even if it is to run errands is a great break

3. Stores that have carts made for 2 children make life a whole lot easier

4. Not having to carry Colby in the car seat is a blessing and a curse. Now he has more space in the car seat and I don't have to carry a 20lb child and the car seat all at the same time, but now it is harder to get him out of the car without waking him up

5. Turning off the computer and spending more time with Blake and Colby has helped Blake's mood andddd I've got a lot of stuff done in the house

6. It's nice when you rearrange a room and it feels a whole lot bigger. The other day I moved around our master bedroom (yes by myself... ok Blake helped, but that isn't always helpful). It looks so much bigger and it's a nice change of pace

7. Being able to donate to charity is not only good for your taxes, it's good for the soul!

8. Homemade chocolate chip cookies are so yummy especially when they are right out of the oven

9. Richard has been working crazy busy hours and not getting to spend a lot of time with the boys, this is not a good thing, but it is great to see how excited they get when he gets home

10. I said there is nothing sexier than seeing a man in the kitchen... that is wrong there is... seeing a man play with his sons be it in the sandbox, at the playground or sitting at the kitchen table stringing beads



  1. I told you yesterday that Allie wasn't moving forward and I should of kept my mouth shut!!! she started going crazy yesterday afternoon. Lord..I'm terrified of when she starts moving around :)

    Glad Blake's mood is better..that makes for a much easier day!

  2. i can't believe colby is on his way to crawling already!

    i totally agree with #10!

  3. great random thoughts. I agree about seeing dads play with their kids. It is very sweet.

  4. I find myself agreeing with so many of your random thoughts. I totally agree with the sexy comment. So true. Love those stores that have the carts shaped like cars. So fun for the kids.

  5. you said it - a daddy with his kids- that is as good as it gets for me!

    Yummy on the cookies- now I think I need to go make some!

  6. After Christmas I rearranged my living room and I looooove it! It's makes me wonder "Why didn't I think of this before?"

  7. Good to hear from you. It sounds like you had a great week.

    Cookies sound good right about now.

  8. I agree. Seeing a man play and work with kids is the ultimate in sexy. :)

  9. But turning off the computer is SO hard to do!


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