random weekend thoughs

1. Getting out rollerblading a few days this week was a great treat for the boys and I

2. Trying to jump through the financial hoops to get something done is a PITA!

3. Watching my boys play and laugh together is a such a gift

4. Getting to the farmers market and enjoying breakfast there was a great Saturday treat

5. Having Richard bike with the boys to the farmers market meant that I got to drive my car by myself... why is that such a major treat??

6. Watching dogs perform in a Frisbee throwing contest was fun too

7. Having Colby wake up every night this week at least once is not fun... or should I specify that he didn't actually wake up, he just fussed and I woke up, and yes I went across the house to check on him each time

8. Finally getting Blake to nap IN his own room ON his bed had made days so much better

9. Having Richard get home in time to have dinner with the boys all week was a nice change from what we've been dealing with lately

10. If you didn't see the videos on Friday or the slide show this morning. I suggest you check them out. Also don't forget to vote in my poll too!

Hope you all have a great weekend


  1. I'm with ya on the financial hoops thing. I just applied for student loans to pay for my grad classes. (even though I will get the money back if I pass) What a serious PITA!

  2. Oh the financial woes...we just decided to change our cable, phone and internet to save $60 a month....and guess what....it makes me want to scream on the inside and out...total PITA!!!!

    I love the slideshow below too. that was super cute! And I am polling for the signatures..I need some of those!!! =)

  3. That's awesome that Blake is sleeping in his own bed now!! How'd you get him to get back into that habit?

  4. don't worry someday you will sleep again...maybe all through the night! i joke that avery has been sttn since 6 months (give or take) now if only i can sttn!

  5. Yay for naps and family dinners! Feeling the financal thing too! I'm trying to figure out how to up my hours at work in order to pay for school while still being the girls' primary caregiver!

  6. I hear you on the financial issues and the sleep. It does get better one day, right?

  7. Glad you had a nice morning today! Hoping you have a wonderful weekend :)

  8. What a great week : ). I know what you mean about driving in the car alone being such a treat : ). Sometimes I have to pinch myself!

  9. Isn't it weird to drive alone. Relaxing but strange...like you are missing something!

  10. I need to start going to the Farmer's Market!


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