Super Bowl Commercials

As with many people I often tune into the Super Bowl more for the commercials than the actual game. (But this was an exciting game... wow there were some great plays and the ups and downs of the score was impressive) Don't get me wrong I like football, I do have season tickets to college football, but come on how often do we get that many good commercials one after another?

Some of my favorites

Magic Ball commercial... that was too funny I loved it when the guy threw the snow globe at his boss. Ok so you have to like a bit of slapstick to like it, but it made me laugh
Magic Bag commercial... how funny was it when the bag was finally empty and his luck totally ran out!

Mr and Mrs. Potato Head... I lovedddd the angry eyes!

I can top that... I always love the Clydesdale commercials especially ones with the Dalmatian... yes you could see it coming when the dog returned, but it was still cute

Bud Light:
Ski commercial... ok this one actually made both Richard and I laugh out loud! We loved the lines: Is that really the best way to make your point? Don't worry nobody saw that. Hey Chicks dig it.
Moose commercial... another one that made us laugh! what a crap job to be the man under the moose!

Want to check out my favorites... ok and your favorites too... go to The funny thing is when you go there you have to watch a commerical to watch the commercial. How ironic is that?

What was your favorite commercial??



  1. I loved the potato head one too. Very cute!

  2. mmm Doritos. The Clydesdale commercials are cute.

  3. My favorite one was the Heros commercial with John Elway. How funny was that. I wanted to see that one again...too cute. I know, I'm a bit of a football nerd.

  4. I have to say I am a bit disappointed in this years commericial, however, I did love the Pepsi one in which the boys kept getting beat up!! Have a great week!

  5. Definitely the magic ball doritos commercial. I just about fell off my chair.

    But my favorite all together was the M&M commercial where the M&M is running away. I posted it a few weeks ago. But I was told they cut out part of it for the Superbowl so it doesn't get my vote there.

  6. That Mrs. Potato Head was the best for me. i think that is what i sound like when pete is driving!


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