Winter in Florida

I know you all think I'm crazy when I talk about winter in Orlando. I know you all want to kill me when I complain about our "cold" snaps, but yes I'm posting another weather post.

I went onto and pulled up the temperatures for every Thursday in 2009 (for some reason Thursdays seem to have been our extremes)

This is what it has looked like:

Jan 1st: high 67 low 53
Jan 8th: high 71 low 46
Jan 15th: high: 59 low 44
Jan 22nd: high 58 low 33
Jan 29th: high 82 low 62
Feb 5th: high 51 low 30
Today: high 80 low 57

got to love the yo-yo effect??



  1. that's looks similar to our crazy weather the upper 60's/low 70's since last weekend and next week - COLD!

  2. Yes, your weather has been all over the place. We were there at the end of April and it was so hot. You have to remember where we were coming from and we had just had a snow storm ten days before.

  3. Totally get the yo-yo effect in West TX too. Last week, 21 degrees, today high at 70. This weekend is in the 50s. What is up with this?

  4. This weather is nuts! No wonder everyone I know is sick...including my poor hubby.

  5. Yes ours is like that lately, but i will take yo yo over negatives for weeks in a row. LOL

  6. Wow! I would take that in a heart beat- today is it windy (gusts up to 60 mph) and cold. I can't believe you hit 80's in January! I really need to move to FL!

  7. still a lot warmer buy you in Fl then here in Jersey!!!

  8. We've been yo-yoing too. I think that's why everyone is sick!

  9. We've been having crazy weather too! Mostly we have been getting up to the 30s during the day and the mid 20's at night. Not a lot of temperature fluctuation, but lots of wind/rain/sleet/sun/clouds/snow, etc. It's driving me nuts!

  10. It's at 70 today and this weekend it's supposed to be in the lower 50s. It needs to make up its mind now :)

  11. hehe it has been all over. Still, I would loveeee to experience winter there.


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