Love my man!

Sometimes it takes hearing what other people have to realize what you have.

Over the last few years, I've said to Richard on one occasion or the other that I appreciate the efforts he makes to be home with the boys. Richard's job keeps him busy and I realize this. I do get frustrated with the hours that he has to put in from time to time, but I am happy that he has a job. I'm happy that he has a career in a field that makes him happy. I'm glad that he had a job that allows me to stay home with my boys. But, what I'm really happy about is that he can do some of his work here at home. Although he can do some of the work at home, it doesn't mean he is home during the day, nor do I expect that.... no that's not why I'm glad he can do work at home. The thing that Richard is adament about is the time he spends with the boys.

Richard gets up and tries to be out the door at 7:30am. I'm sure he could get out earlier if he wanted, but it isn't because he's sleeping in that keeps him here until 7:30am, not it's because he has breakfast with the boys, or at least me, every day. The boys walk Daddy to the door and wave to him out the window in the mornings.

Richard checks in with me via e-mail at least once during the day. Not to check on what we are doing just to check in with me, to see how I'm doing each day. Just to say "I'm thinking of you and love you". If I haven't e-mailed him by 1ish I know that when I check the computer there will almost always be an e-mail from him.

He calls me on his way home from work. This is often the time we take to just chat about the day. He checks in to see how the boys are doing. He also takes this as the time to talk/vent about his day at work. Many days we talk for 20 or so minutes out of his 30-35 minute drive home.

Richard tries to be home for dinner every night. Sometimes dinner gets pushed off until closer to 6:15pm than 5:15pm when we'd like to have it, but having dinner together as a family is important to both Richard and myself. After dinner is always fun with daddy time. I usually clean the kitchen and Richard takes this time to play with the boys and just spend time doing whatever with the two of them. He helps finish getting them ready for bed and settled for the night.

Then many nights he goes into our office and finishes up what he needed to do for work that day. Now, is this the ideal thing for him, probably not, but it is what is best for our family. And because he knows it is what is best for our family is it what he does.

I know that things will slow down for him at work at some point, but knowing that he has put his family first. That he has decided that the time with his sons is that important to him that he will alter his schedule around their needs, makes me love him all the more!


  1. I think that it is awesome how dedicated he is to your boys!!! You are incredibly blessed :)

  2. Richard must be one GREAT dad and Hubby! Seriously! What a guy :)

  3. Lori,

    It truly is those little things..emails, calls, eating together, that make him such a great hubby and father. You must feel like a queen!
    What an awesome guy you have!

  4. What a wonderful husband and father your Richard is. That is so sweet - he is going to love this post you did for him.

  5. That is wonderful Lori, just wonderful. My husband has always made our boys first priority too. It's a blessing and we are so lucky!

  6. He sounds like a wonderful husband and father! They will always rememebr him being around in the morning and at night to see them. I wish pete could get home for dinner...but there is just no way. maybe someday!

  7. That's wonderful that he has those moments built into his busy day. I know we push off dinner many times so that daddy can be here. It works well for us. Daddy's are an important part of the family!

  8. Richard really does sound great!! you seem like such a great couple!! xoxo

  9. I'm so glad that you have found such a wonderful, loving, caring man. He sounds like a fabulous husband and daddy.

  10. What a great dad and role model for your children.

  11. That is wonderful. You are lucky to have a husband like that and your boys such a good daddy.


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