Menu planning (week 3)

If you didn't check out the Friday videos yet, click here... there are some good ones this week (at least I think so!

Ok here's the plan for this week...

Friday: yeah no clue yet. it depends on if my parents and nephew come to visit or not
Saturday: Salsa Stoup
Sunday: burgers

day 1: cheesy chicken & salsa skillet this is a new recipe for us
day 2: sweet & sour meatballs
day 3: leftover pulled pork sandwiches
day 4: chicken and cheese quesidillias



  1. Oh, these sound yummy....I need new recipes!!! Do share!!! My family loves meat-bulbs as they call them!!!

  2. Sounds great. The salsa chicken sound good, let us know how it turns out.

  3. yet another week when I want you to be cooking for my family! :)

  4. Yum! I've realllly been thinking about starting to menu plan!! maybe I'll start next week. :)

  5. All of it sounds good to me. Yum. I think I may try this next week.

  6. I haven't made meat balls in a very long time, thanks for an idea:)


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