Menu planning (week 5-- revisited)


Friday: out (we are going to see Playhouse Disney Live today so we'll stop and get something on our way home)
Saturday: steak and garlic smashed potatoes
Sunday: chicken parm (I make this un-breaded)

day 1: chicken caesar pasta (this is a new recipe for us)
day 2: ham steak with rice
day 3: leftovers
day 4: who knows... Richard is traveling on Wednesday so Blake and I will figure it out then

Actual (I put B's on the same line... this is what he ate, he usually is offered all that we had, but doesn't always eat it all)
Friday: fend for yourself (R- leftover sub, L- macaroni salad, B- sweet and sour meatballs)
Saturday: T-bone steak, garlic smashed potatoes, corn (B- chicken nuggets)
Sunday: shredded Italian chicken over multigrain rotini (B- chicken and banana) I put the chicken into the crock pot with spaghetti sauce and spices, then shredded it after a few hours and let it continue to go until we were ready to eat... next time I'd add a can of crushed tomatoes to add more tomato taste and more liquid
Monday: ham steak on salad (B- ham and cheese)
Tuesday: leftover pizza casserole (B- meatballs and goldfish crackers)
Wednesday: leftover rice and meatballs with salad (B- fish sticks and french fries... and a meatball or two)
chicken caesar pasta (this is a new recipe for us) (B- chicken and cheese) This was... ok. It was the right mix of pasta, chicken and salad (ok I did chicken breast and not as much pasta as it said, but still) The dressing was off to me. Something was missing... maybe more acid? maybe more seasoning/spice? maybe I don't know. It was missing that tang of ceasar dressing in my opinion

Something else we had this week was a new cookie recipe. Soft & Chewy Chocolate-Peanut Butter Cookies
The recipe I have only had 1 egg, and I agree with the addition of the 2nd egg. I also think when/if I make them again I'll cream together the egg, cream cheese and peanut butter first before adding the cake mix. I also want to try it with yellow cake to see if that helps bring out more of the peanut butter taste (or I may try chunky peanut butter)

Does anyone else eat a meal or desert or something and sit there and think... if I did x, y and z it would be better or it would be neat to try ____??


  1. Sadly, I don't think too much about my recipes....maybe if I played around more I would be a better cook!

  2. YAY! Hope you guys have fun with disney's playhouse!! Can't wait to see the pictures. Great menu!!

  3. i totally do the x,y,z thing! i got dh doing it now too! we sound like food critics!


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