Menu planning (week 5)

What's cooking??

Friday: out (we are going to see Playhouse Disney Live today so we'll stop and get something on our way home)
Saturday: steak and garlic smashed potatoes
Sunday: chicken parm (I make this un-breaded)

day 1: chicken caesar pasta (this is a new recipe for us)
day 2: ham steak with rice
day 3: leftovers
day 4: who knows... Richard is traveling on Wednesday so Blake and I will figure it out then

did you enjoy seeing Blake's menu or is that a waste of my time? I can post it if people are interested but if you don't care then I'll save myself a step


  1. The chicken ceasar pasta sounds great. let me know if you all like it.

  2. You had me at Chicken Ceaser! I love anything with those two words in it. Hope you like it!

  3. I'm going to have to check out the chicken ceasar pasta...yummy!

  4. Yummy. Can't wait to hear about the pasta.

  5. I wish I were organized enough to plan my menus every week. A girl can dream right?

  6. YUM I liked reading what Blake ate- I am always curious about what other kids eat


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