random weekend thoughs

1. Teething and two year olds are so NOTTTT a good mix! I swear it is a cruel joke on parents

2. Brownies with chocolate chip cookies on top!

3. I'm so not looking forward to dealing with the time change and the effect it will have on the boys

4. I feel like I should buy stock in teething tablets and motrin with both boys teething we are using just a bit of both

5. The cinnamon rolls we get at the farmers market are very yummy,... not the healthiest thing, but so worth it

6. Trying to convince Blake that he doesn't have to scream and carry on when he goes to bed is so not fun.

7. Seeing the forecast finally has some consistency in the temperature for the whole 7 days is a nice treat and having it be in the low 80s is an even bigger treat.

8. Watching Colby learn to self feed makes me proud. He is loving eating the fresh fruits we have been getting.

9. Blake isn't eating very well with his teeth bothering him so it's always interesting to see what he is willing to have for meal times.

10. Did I mention that both boys are teething??


  1. Two of them teething ugh. I do not miss that....

  2. Teething stinks big time. Have you tried letting them suck on popsicles yet? Brownies and CC cookies sound yummy!

  3. both kids teething- yikes! you need a spa day!

  4. Those darn teeth. Someone should really come up with a solution to that one.

  5. So Tate's not the only 2 year old who's teething, huh? haha....it seems like almost all the other kids his age have all their teeth...but Tate still has his back 4 molars to go....and yep...we've got 2 kids teething here too so I feel your pain!

  6. I feel badly for you. That is rough, both kids teething at the same time.

  7. ugh...sorry about the teething in BOTH boys! i think avery is finally done with all of his!


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