random weekend thoughs

1. Watching Blake enjoy the Playhouse Disney show was great! He was on his feet dancing the whole time.

2. Getting out and walking is a great outlet

3. Getting Blake's speech evaluated and having them say that he qualifies for speech therapy just goes to show that it's worth pushing it to get help

4. Having both boys struggling to fall asleep at night is so not fun! I loved it when they both were sound asleep by 7:15pm, lately I'm lucky if they are both asleep by 8:30pm.

5. Knowing there is a very good chance that Abby is going to need surgery on her knee is hard to deal with, but I'll do pretty much anything to make her comfortable again

6. Getting naps straighten out with Blake and almost with Colby makes my days a whole lot easier even if it means that my day is pretty much shot with nap after nap after nap

7. Making milk shakes for lunch is always a treat

8. Getting errands done on Friday makes Saturdays a lot calmer

9. Knowing that Richard is going to have to travel for a full day is hard, but at least its only a day

10. Taking a week off from random weekend thoughts was strange, but necessary last week


  1. yum- milkshakes! That is great that Blake is going to get speech. It is worth it to push for your kids. Hope the boys get to sleep better soon. E is never asleep before nine- even on days when she isn't napping at all. I am looking for a way to harness her energy.

  2. Mmmmmm now I'm hungry for a peanut butter malt milkshake from DQ!

  3. Yum...milkshakes for lunch does sound good! And I'm glad you're pretty much getting their naps straightened out. :)

  4. yum I wanna milkshake now!!

  5. oh milkshakes! yeah for you and pushing for Blake!

  6. YUMMY milkshakes...sometimes I try to convince myself that it is protein and good for me when I put strawberries along with it :) Blake is such a cute little boy and is LUCKY to have a mom like you who is his advocate and in his corner :)

  7. Awww, I bet the Playhouse Disney show was great. Wy would love that! Hope Blake enjoys his speech therapy sessions. When will he start? And milkshakes....yumm, I'm so jealous!

  8. My kids have wanted to stay up later too. The time change really stirred things up around here.

    Glad you had a good time at the Disney show...

  9. I love your random thoughts and could relate to so many of them Everytime a Playhouse Disney commercial comes on Madison begs to go 'cause she thinks it is right around the corner. Happy to hear Blake had fun!


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