blog layout

I'm beginning to think about the new layout for my blog for the next month. I just feel uninspired I guess. I'm coming to you my readers for suggestions. Any thoughts on colors, theme, whatever for the next month?

What would you like to see? When you think of my blog does something come to mind that I should incorporate in the new topper?



  1. Hmm....well, April's showers bring May's flowers. Or Patriotic for Memorial Day? Just some thoughts...I am way too lazy to do a monthly theme, so kudos to you!

  2. I always think you do a great job and figure out wonderful things. But I guess what comes to find for me is flowers for the month of May- flowers, Mother's Day, or Memorial Day. Good luck with your layout!

  3. I think you do an awesome job and am jealous that I can't do this yet. I like the colors green & brown as well as pink and brown. Love polka dots and stripes. That would be my next make over if I could do my own.

  4. We're getting my 18-month old son help with his speech. The only words he ever says are Dada and Mama. My wife is so worried that he will never talk.

  5. Okay, I think something polka dot and pink would be fabulous! :o)


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