Easter Art

I have started doing some small process oriented art projects with Blake to go with the holidays. For Easter we have already made "ink blot" paper eggs (put paint on folded paper and smear it so the colors blend) and we are going to color eggs tomorrow.

What kind of art projects are you doing with your child to celebrate the holiday? Or what are they doing in school/day care?

I'm always looking for new easy projects


  1. Well, we're gonna do the classic egg decorating this year with Tate...though he's a bit older than Blake - but I bet Blake would still love it!

  2. In school, we are making bunny biscuits, bunny faces where the ears are the painted feet of the kids, baskets from paper bags, jelly bean graphing, and coloring easter eggs. We will make a boy and girl easter bunny too. We have lots of fun the day before vacation/

  3. We are decorating felt eggs, since we have egg allergies. I have felt shaped eggs and various felt cut outs to decorate them with.

    While the felt is out, we are making bunnies and chicks out of felt then we will glue them to popsicle sticks.

    We are also going to do hand flower bouquets for each Grandparent.

    Are last thing will be cupcakes for Easter day...

    Busy craft week around here.

  4. We are decorating eggs- haven't thought of anything else yet

  5. We will be colouring eggs on Good Friday.

  6. We do paper mache eggs, with construction paper and then glue on little squares of different colored tissue paper. they turn out cute. I love ink blotting. Fun!

  7. Were going to bake cookies and dye eggs on Friday and were super excited!! I'm looking forward to everyone's posts about what all they did. :o)

  8. What a great picture!:)


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