Menu planning (week 6--revisted)


Friday: breakfast
Saturday: turkey cheddar bacon burgers
Sunday: stir fry

Day 1: fajitas
Day 2: ravioli
Day 3: pizza leftovers
Day 4: leftovers

Friday: pancakes with bacon (B- bacon... he ate through the grocery store right before dinner so he wasn't really hungry)
Saturday: turkey cheddar bacon burgers, french fries, salad (B- hot dog, french fries, banana)-- these I made by mixing ground turkey, bacon, shredded cheddar, onion, yellow pepper, garlic and seasoning... they were pretty good, but again I'd do things a bit differently when I make it again.
Sunday: Stir Fry (B- chicken)
Monday: Leftover taco mac & cheese (B- meatballs and cheese)
Tuesday: Steak Fajitas (B- cereal bar, cheese, tortilla wrap... don't ask!)
Wednesday: Leftover meatball pizza (B- pizza and cinnamon muffin)
Thursday: Ravioli with Italian bread (B- meatballs)


  1. I'm laughing, my kids love cereal bars too.

  2. those burgers sound soooo yummy!!

  3. I could eat a good burger!

  4. Wyatt and Blake could be best buds! They sure have the same favorite foods!

  5. Does hubby make the ravioli?
    Are you liking the menu planning?

  6. These are great - thanks for posting them. I'm also glad to see that Addie isn't the only one with such a random menu and/or palette!


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