Menu planning (week 7--revisited)

F- quesidillias
S- sloppy joe manicotti... thanks Danielle for the suggestion
S- out at my mom's house

day 1 - chicken cordon bleu
day 2- ham steak
day 3- grilled chicken
day 4- R pick up wings

F--Nachos (B- chicken, cheese and nacho chips... just not together, you wouldn't want the food to touch would you?)
S-- sloppy joe manicotti -- we made this as it and found it an interesting concept, but the recipe was rather bland for our palate, so the next time we make it we will certainly spice it up a bit (B- chicken nuggets, banana, goldfish crackers)
S-- burgers and dogs at my brothers
M-- grilled bar-b-que chicken with rice and veggies (B- chicken)
Tu-- leftover sloppy joe manicotti I added salsa and spices to it and it was soooo much better!(B- leftover pancakes)
W-- chicken, ham and cheese bake I was going to make a bake version of chicken cordon bleu, but I didn't have bread crumbs and I changed the flavor cheese, so I figure I had to call it something different (B- ham, cheese and cheerio mix)
Th -- take out chicken wings a big treat for us as you can see we don't usually eat or order out (B- leftover ham and chicken bake)


  1. now I really want to have some nachos.....wonder where I can get some yet today!

  2. the manicotti sounded good...i do have a really yummy homemade sloppy joe recipe, maybe that would help! let me know if you want it!

  3. Send me all your leftovers, lol.

  4. I did like the sloppy joe's but they were a bit mild- I probably would have spiced them up if e was eating too. I find a lot of RR stuff is mild on spice.


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