menu planning (week 8 -revisited) (take 2)

planned menu (Richard's parents are visiting Fri. night - Sun. morning that is why things aren't as planned as normal)

F- out
S- ??
S- appetizers and desert!

Richard thinks he will be late most nights this week so we went for ultra simple... can be made/served in two course meals
day 1- pressed sammies
day 2- chicken tender salad
day 3- tacos
day 4- leftovers

Friday: take out pizza and baked ziti (B- pizza)
Saturday: BBQ chicken, rice pilaf, salad (B- chicken)
Sunday: left over pizza, wings, baked ziti (B- pizza)
Monday: pressed sandwiches (B- grilled ham and cheese sammie w/ pretzels)
Tuesday: fend for yourself... R- chicken tender wrap, L-chicken tender salad, B- fish sticks, french fries, pancake, chicken tender (yes he was hungry!)
Wednesday: leftover BBQ chicken with tater tots (B- chicken, french fries)
Thursday: R picked up subs -- chicken parm, italian (B- meatballs and tater tots)

most nights this week Blake ate dinner early with Colby since Richard worked later than normal

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  1. fend for yourself night is one of my favs! I will like it even more when the kids are older and can actually find something themselves :)


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