Random updates

1. Colby's taken 8 steps at a time, but usually sits down after about 4. I swear he's decided it's just a lot faster to crawl

2. Blake signed "cookie" to me unprompted yesterday... and yes even though it was about 9:15am I gave him the cookie he was asking for

3. Yesterday my mom watched the boys while I took Abby to the vet, and Blake put himself down for a nap at 10:30 and slept until 12:04... shocking to me!

4. Abby had her stitches out yesterday so now at least she doesn't have to wear the Elizabethan collar anymore... although she still has to be confined for a bit longer

5. You'd never know it was April 7th in Florida by our weather today. I had to dig out long sleeves and pants... it's 58 as I type this right now a5 12:15pm. Come on Mother Nature we usually have LOWS in the low-60s now, not daytime highs!

6. Colby blew a kiss for the first time the other day... this is another thing that he did way earlier than Blake... Blake was almost 18 months when he figured this out

7. Blake and I colored Easter eggs today... they came out pretty good.. I think

8. My old poll finished up today... watch for a new one soon

9. The part to the tv should be here tomorrow... but I may try to go a few more days before letting the boys watch tv again

10. I decided to type this list today instead of Saturday because I'll type a Random Weekend Thoughts Easter Version on Saturday!


  1. Can you believe this wind and weather? CRAZY!

  2. It is crazy here too. We were 88 yesterday and expecting to be drenched by tonight. Strange...

  3. Aw I want Jackson to blow me a kiss :( haha. It is cold here in GA too! It should be at least 80 degrees by this time of year!

  4. Ok, you are on the ball...I need to boil the eggs so we can color them too. I can't believe that Easter is in a few days. Yikes.

  5. Yeah, I think mother nature has her seasons mixed up- I'm not really feeling the warmer weather. I'm not so convinced about global warming anymore! Yeah for Blake- I would have given him the cookie too! You have to reward the success!

  6. Yes, I would have given him the cookie too! Atta boy Blake!

  7. Seriously what's up with the weather? It's supposed to be in the 20s here tonight and then 70 this weekend!

    I can't wait for Allie to blow kisses....how sweet!

  8. What a nice little list of things : ). I remember that sitting during walking stage. Isn't it insane how fast they grow up. Really insane!

  9. Awww...it's so cute when they start blowing kisses!

  10. I live in SC and it's chilly and super windy here the past two days. What's crazy is one day it's like 80 then the next day it's in the 60's. What tha?

    YAY for your part to your TV.

    Before you know it your little sweetie will be RUNNING around the house. Gosh, he is a early walker. Brody is not having any part of it, lol.

  11. Very exciting times with the kids!! Glad to hear the tv part is on it's way.

  12. It is super cold here too! I hope mother nature realizes that we require the same amount of spring no matter when it starts. So if she only starts spring in May then it better go through July!


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