random weekend thoughs (the Easter version)

1. Easter in Florida is a lot different that Easter in Massachusetts... where is the freezing cold weather? What's this with actually being able to wear Easter clothes without a winter jacket thing?

2. Easter candy I like: Sweetart Bunnies, Chicks and Ducks Mix, Cadbury mini eggs, Jelly Belly jelly beans, Reeses peanut butter eggs

3. Easter candy I do NOT like: Peeps, any other jelly beans, cheap chocolate anything

4. Easter seems like it should be more exciting than it is, to me at least. It's the high holiday in many religions, but it so takes a back seat to Christmas... and to many people even Thanksgiving.

5. We never did egg hunts growing up, the Easter bunny hid our baskets and left clues to find them... at least that made it a bit more exciting. I plan on continuing that tradition with my boys, probably starting next year.

6. My boys baskets will contain more toys than candy for as long as I can get away with it! This year there is 1 egg of M&M's in Blake's basket and that's it as far as candy.

7. Coloring eggs with a 2 year old was interesting, but worth it... and we only broke 2 eggs. Too bad yesterday he broke the egg we'd written his name on. Oh and you can save hard boiled eggs... eventually the eggs breakdown and pretty much evaporate into nothing. You just have to manage to NOT break them until they are totally broken down or else they will smell!

8. I'm going to keep 1 of the eggs he colored this year and will continue collecting one from each year. I'll start with too Colby next year.

9. I so don't feel like I'm missing out on shopping for little girl Easter dresses... no frill here! I did buy the boys similar shirts to wear on the egg hunt we are going to today.

10. Happy Easter weekend from our family to yours!


  1. Happy Easter to you too. Funny, we had the hidden basket too, growing up. I did mostly toy and sticker stuff in our baskets. I let Grandma do a little candy, it is so hard for us with the allergies. It was so warm last week here now we have cold. I am hoping it will be warmer tomorrow.

    Have a great day.

  2. we had an egg hunt today and it was so much fun-Riley was opening each egg as he found it (instead of running full force to get eggs) and Ashlyn was running and grabbing as many eggs as she could. It was fun to see my kids to that- last year, it was in the snow. This year, it was in the rain. I'm starting to think a FL Easter is what I need :)

  3. I am so jealous that you can wear Easter gear on Easter and not freeze your butt off. I have two girls so frill is everywhere! But, is so stinking cold, those frills just aren't as cute with sweatpants under them. :-) Our church has a sunrise service. I think this year we are dressing warm and saving the frills for Easter dinner!

  4. ill gladly send some cold from ma!

    i love the hiding basket idea, but we are doing eggs.

    avery will have plenty of candy...but he will have to share with mommy! my mom is a big culprite! i asked for money for a swingset, but i knew she already bought stuff! im all about practical...hence the toothbrush/paste and the underwear!

  5. We love the same candy...totally with you on #2 & #3! YUM and then Yuck:)

  6. OH I loooove peeps!!!!! I've heard that you either love or hate them though :)

    Hope you guys have a wonderful Easter!

  7. I have two girls and bought their "frilly" dresses ages ago. I figure they are going from the warm house, to the warm car, to the warm chuch and then in reverse so the cute dresses will be worth it. It will be a little cold tomorrow but not too bad so I'm glad. I also bought my son a new suit and a new tie so I'll have to take pics tomorrow so I can show them off.

  8. We do the easter egg hunt with clues to find the easter basket too!! It makes it so much more fun!!


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