random weekend thoughs

1. A tough morning for anyone = a tough day for all

2. Sleepless nights = tough mornings

3. Morning naps set a precedence for the mood the whole day

4. Late night = late morning = off schedule

5. Hearing that Blake is already improving with just one week of speech confirms with me that we made the right decision!

6. Watching Colby's confidence in walking grow is great. He took 4 steps the other day and stopped and sat down... he didn't fall this time

7. I think it's pretty cool when something I blog about makes people think

8. Getting to Target to buy the Easter stuff was a good check off the list

9. Having Richard get a bonus during this tough financial time makes me happy to see he is recognized for his hard work and determination, as well as the feeling that his company is secure... which is a good thing!

10. Colby is 10 months old today... yes, I can't believe it either!

Hope you are having a great weekend... I'll post the slide show later (I haven't had a chance to get onto the main computer to make it yet... soon I promise!)


  1. wow those are great taught indeed

  2. It's never a good sign when mornings start off rough! Have a great weekend. :)

  3. Great thoughts. The only thing I dislike more is late nights and early mornings... UGH

  4. OMGosh..I have to get the Easter stuff. HOly moly batman. Thank you for posting this...I have been so busy with theater and everything else I dont' have a single thing for Easter baskets. YIkes.
    I agree with all your morning and night thoughts...so true!

  5. Yup start that morning off schedule and it throws off everything!! Monkey is STILL sleeping and it is 10:30am on Sat. My day is toast! I dare not wake the sleeping beast , though!!

  6. Happy 10 Months Colby!!!

    gotta love a bonus right now :) Hope your day has settled down and you have a wonderful weekend!

  7. Yep, we know all about sleepless nights here...and let's just say that Mommy's in a much better mood if she gets some rest at night. :)

  8. Wow Blake improving in one week is great! I hope it continues to go well. Oh and off schedule is never an easy thing!

  9. You always have a great list! I'm glad Blake is doing better already- bu I'm sorry to hear about the schedule being off. That is always hard for me.

  10. Hope the afternoon went better than the morning! Happy 10 months Colby!


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