random weekend thoughs

1. I really need to make icons for my random weekend thoughts, Sat. slide show, Fri. videos, and menu planning... I just never think about it when I have the main computer on

2. Richard is at work again today and will be tomorrow too... so most likely he will work at least 12 days straight. At least he has job security!

3. We are having my family over to celebrate Easter tomorrow. I figure we always stretch Christmas out a week or two why not Easter too?

4. Blake went and had his hearing checked on Thursday and that was fine so that is eliminated as a cause of his speech problems... one thing off the check list!

5. The next step will probably be contacting an ENT to have a consultation on having his tongue tied taken care of to see if eliminating that issue helps his articulation

6. Colby is now a walker and is trying to run! Yes, my little guy is getting fast on his feet.

7. I love watching my boys grow up and learn new things. I also love seeing when they are proud of their new skills.

8. We are doing a great job on limiting the tv watching. I think the most we've had it on was two 30 minute shows one day (in two different time frames), and actually the one time he didn't ask for it be he should have been napping and we had to go get his hearing tested so I wanted something quiet for him to do.

9. I love seeing the love my guys have for each other. Both of them try to comfort the other when they are upset... it is very heart warming. It makes me realize that I'm doing something right!

10. It's funny how much life changes after kids... I sit here and look at my living room and there are toys everywhere, children's books spread out on the floor, and I don't care. I try to keep my home clean and rather neat, but I want it to feel lived in. I want my children to feel that they can be children and have fun and play. I want them to realize that messes are ok and can be picked up. I want them to see that it's ok to not be perfect as long as you are your best. I want them to be happy and healthy and loved!

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  1. Sounds like you are doing a great job with the boys!

  2. LOve your random thoughts. i need to work on 10 myself...I am always picking up and getting after them for leaving out their messes.

  3. My house is messy right now too with toys etc. The weather outside has just been so beautiful for the past 2 days, I can't bring myself to be inside cleaning it up. We have had a long winter here. A few days of a messy house to be outside enjoying mother nature...totally worth it!

  4. Once the kids come the house never looks the same again :)

  5. glad his hearing test went well!

  6. Toys and books are part of having children. Love this age because time passes so quickly.


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