random weekend thoughs


1. potty training is going... well it's going

2. sometimes you have to step back and realize that you can't control everything

3. Colby's now running... that was fast

4. it's sad when going to the dentist is a treat

5. Richard is working again today which makes it 13 days in a row... oh and yes he's working again tomorrow

6. Richard and I are going to a party today... now that is a treat

7. getting outside and doing something physical is great... I was pulling vines out of some of the bushes... my hands are killing me from it, but it helped my mood and well all of me

8. Colby LOVES to be outside... anytime you open the door he beelines it to get outside

9. potty training means lots of laundry

10. another week down... and next weekend is May... yeah I can't believe it either



  1. Have fun with your party tonight! Oh, I love the new look of your blog too.. Very cute.

  2. Love the new signature at the bottom! Potty training stinks no way around it!

  3. have fun at your party - sounds like Richard has been working so hard, you both deserve a fun night.

  4. Yea that can't control everything. I have trouble with that! I'm getting better though. If you have any suggestions, feel free to share.

  5. lol at #4.

    I am also doing a TON of laundry. Jacob is trained but does have the occasional accident at night. So his blankets are constantly going through the wash.

  6. I am so sorry about your husbands job! I totally understand because my husband has the same problem. Before Easter he worked 77 days in a row. I can't even imagine. Since Easter he hasn't had one day off. His job has mandatory overtime on Saturday and Sundays. It makes our lives VERY stressful!

    And potty training...well, I can't say I look forward to going thru that again. No, I definitely can't.

  7. It is hard to believe that May is only a few days away. This year is flying!


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