The last few nights we have been struggling with getting the boys to sleep. Colby has been going down around 6:30pm (exhausted!), but has woken up right around the time we put Blake down 7:15pm. This makes life challenging as neither will fall asleep until the other is asleep... yeah hello catch 22!

We've tried ignoring them, we've tried letting them up and play, we've tried going in and out of their rooms, you name it... we've tried it. Last night Blake was tired and would lay down in his bed, and then Colby would begin fussing again and up Blake was in the hallway again. Blake actually fell asleep for about 20 minutes and Colby started fussing. I went to try to calm Colby down and thought I had... yeah no! Then guess what... Blake was up again too. Finally, Richard went in and got Colby to settle down (again) and I got Blake to go back to sleep again!

This was now 8:45pm... yes this was 1.5 hours after we put Blake down to begin with.

Ok who wants to let my sons in on the understanding that sleep is a good thing??


  1. Have you thought about another nap during the day and keeping themup alittle later? I think if I went to bed at 630 I'd be waking up too...maybe it's just too early for him now...they go through week everything is fine and then the next they switch everything up on us.

    Hope you get it worked out so they're sleeping well again! I know how aggravating it can be.

  2. What we do is the kids both have a nap during the day.. Brody goes down at 7:45 and Brea at 8:15. They both are ready and willing at this point so it's no fight. Just a thought.. Hope whatever you guys decide to do works for you and the boys. Good luck sweetie!

  3. oh yeah...I understand this completely - except it's more in the early mornings for us. Emily will wake up around 5am and that wakes up Tate...then Emily will fall back asleep and Tate will need his diaper changed or something like that. By the time I'm done with Tate and have put him back in bed, all the noise and walking around has woken up Emily again...and so on! But like you IS just a stage...hopefully a short one though. :)

  4. The ole tag team sleep thing. Gotta love that. My girls used to do that. One would go down and then the other would wake up crying. It is a vicious cycle, but it does get better. In a few years. LOL

  5. Well, since I often still post about sleep issues....I'm pretty sure I am not the one to be giving you advice! But I have lots of sympathy if that helps any!

  6. i got no solution for you...but hopefully its just a phase.


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