I figured since I talked about college plans the other day, I'd continue on that vein today. Growing up my mother used to tell my brother and I that we'd need a college education to sweep streets. So, in other words... going to college wasn't an option.. it was a requirement. Richard and I both feel this way about college for our sons. This isn't a question of if they will go get a 4 year degree, the question for them will be where and in what.

It is pretty evident that in today's society a college degree is the norm, as a high school diploma used to be. If you want to get ahead you have to go on and get a higher degree now to push yourself ahead of the pack.

I feel that the best way to show the boys how important we feel this is to them, is for Richard and I to pay for their college education. That is why we have already invested in Blake's by purchasing a Florida pre-paid college fund. We are planning to get a 529 plan for Colby. That was the plan all along. We figure that gives up options as both plans are interchangeable in who utilizes the funds, and since the boys will only be 1 year apart in school... well we will know who will need which funding when Blake is going to college.

I find it pretty sad the a college education has become almost mandatory for success in life now, and the cost of the tuition is growing exponentially and making it almost impossible for many to afford to go. I can only hope that at some point it government will realize that they need to make this affordable for all.. Until then, I'll save my pennies so Richard and I don't go into debt having 2 in college at the same time!


  1. I hear you and wish I could save now for my kids, as I will have 3 in college for at least 4 years, and maybe 4 in college for 1 year. I figure that for the first 2 years, they can go to community college to get the needed "required" credits, then off the where ever for the remaining speciality credits. I know that they will have to help with their tuition. I have even been thinking about moving to Lynchburg, Virgina and have my kids go to Lynchburg Christian Academy for their 4 high school years, as they give a full ride scholarship to Liberty University for 4 years to all of their high school students. I've also thought about moving to Florida, where tuition has always been cheaper-guess there's no point now. My oldest is in 4th grade right now, the twins in 3rd grade, and the baby in Kindergarten-soon enough it will come. My ex will not help at all for college costs, so it's up to me and the kids. Something that I am not looking forward to.

  2. Well said - not a matter of if, but when and what. I feel the same way. Though I wish I could have started saving in some plan for Jacob sooner. I still haven't yet. I will gladly help out for the entire first year, but what Ryan and I are planning is to help out each year after on whatever shortage there is when working/saving in summer. Definitely good to start thinking about that well ahead of time.

  3. You are very right... except for one thing... college for our kids is almost two decades away - which means a regular ol' run-of-the-mill undergrad education won't be enough then either... Those entering the work force around 2030 will certainly be required to have a more specialized (*or even more diverse) degree that will allow them to adapt to constantly changing global economies... Our kids - those with the parents who know that college isn't an "if" but a "where and what" - will be going for their Master's and Doctorates as well. For our parents - college was an option. For us, it wasn't. The future will be - how far we expect our children/students to go...

  4. If we had a penny to save we would! Hopefully someday we will be able to help out with college.

  5. the price is would think at some point they would realize that by the time our kids get in college noone will be able to afford it anymore!

  6. The fees are so crazy. It makes no sense, we hurt the people that need it the most.


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