Menu planning


Planned: (May 1-May 7)

Friday: Appetizers
Saturday: out
Sunday: baked potatoes and salad
day 1: leftovers
day 2: bbq beef tips
day 3: grilled chicken fajitas
day 4: skirt steak

Friday: bagel pizzas and bagel dogs
Saturday: R & L out at Longhorn
Sunday: baked potatoes and salad (I made the boys sweet potato fries to try)
Monday: BBQ beef tips with homemade bread
Tuesday: leftover Chunky Italian Stoup over fettuccine and no this isn't a RR recipe... just one morphed off of one of hers)
Wednesday: skirt steak w/ salad
Thursday: grilled chicken fajitas

Planned: (May 8th- 14th)
Friday: subs
Saturday: lasagna roll-ups
Sunday: burgers

day 1: lemon pepper chicken
day 2: grilled ham steak
day 3: chicken tenders
day 4: leftovers


  1. Alright Lori, week after week I ooohhh and ahhhh and even drool over your weekly menu.. Know what would be great??? Post the recipe of a few that way I can make it as well and instead of drool I can stuff my face, lol.

  2. I have been so bad with my menu planning lately. I need to jumpstart it again.

  3. You are so good. I have been getting better at this... We love (or should I say I)sweet potato fries.


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