random weekend thoughs


1. 5am is really early!

2. Is it an odd thing to have to wipe the frosting off a cookie for your child?

3. Having new clothes to put on is always a fun thing

4. Knowing you bought them because you got a day to yourself as your birthday present is even better

5. Here's a skill that only a mother would acknowledge... being able to tell which child needs a diaper change by the smell

6. Seven bags of clothes out of the house and going to goodwill... 5 were clothes that Colby's out grown... they grow sooooo fast this first year

7. Making a dent in the planning of Colby's birthday helps make me feel like I can check a few things off the list

8. Isn't it hard when the list of to do's keeps getting longer, but nothing seems to be getting done?

9. Being interrupted to read a story to my sons is an interruption I'll always respond to (especially if I'm trying to clean)

10. Wishing you all a restful and relaxing Mother's day tomorrow!!


  1. Oh yes, the smell one made me laugh. I remember when they were both in diapers, I could tell which one it was.

    Can't wait to see what you do for the birthday.

    Happy Mothers Day...

  2. I love packing up clothes and donating them. :)

    Happy Mother's day!

  3. That darn to do list! Never let's us alone does it!

  4. i can do the diaper too..lol! I can't believe Colby is going to be 1! how time flies...

    The clothes have also gotten the best of me.

    Happy Mother's day!


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