random weekend thoughs

1. Blake is doing well with his speech... it's a slow process, but it's a process none the less

2. I never realized how much I'd enjoy reconnecting to people from my past via facebook

3. We've had to move our walking time to the morning because... well it's too hot to walk in the afternoons and we have afternoon storms almost everyday now

4. Both boys went down well for their naps yesterday that is always a treat for me

5. Richard is working again today... I can't wait until these crazy busy times are done!

6. Blake is playing on the main computer... it's fun to watch him learn

7. Can someone convince Blake that it does NOT hurt to get your hair cut?

8. I can't believe the Colby is totally off the bottle and is almost done with his last can of formula... where did my little baby go?

9. I printed out the invitations for Colby's birthday party... now to get them sent off and finalize the rest of the plans for his big 1st birthday!

10. We are going to my parents today to have a late mother's day/ birthday celebration... so what if it is 1/2 weeks later... right?

Hope you all have a great weekend!


  1. My kid is weird. She loves getting her hair cut!

  2. We are doing the same thing with my Mom today too. Oh yea, facebook, it is so much fun to see all your old friends. I had no idea I even wanted to reconnect, then it happened and it was great. Have a good weekend.

  3. Yeah both went down for naps. That is awesome. I love to watch my kids learn on the computer too. So sweet.

  4. I'm enjoying facebook time too. It is nice to catch up with friends!

  5. That's awesome that Colby is almost off the bottle!! And I know...I can hardly believe that it is almost Emily's 1st b-day too. Crazy!

  6. Oh, when everyone naps that is GLORIOUS! Hope that you are having a great weekend!

  7. I LOVE Facebook too! I am always on there doing something. I know what you mean about walking too. I don't remember when I took Ryan & Sputnik around the block last. It's SO hot now!!

  8. Isn't counting down on formula the best part about them turning one? That's the one thing I look forward to is not having to spend that money anymore...it's so expensive..of course absolutely worth it! Hard to believe they're turning 1 :)

  9. did you try bribing with a lollypop during a haircut...i think avery goes for the lollypop!

  10. Not much advise I can give - neither one of mine has had hair cuts.


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