Weekend trip

Here are some pictures that Richard and I took at the beach Friday afternoon. It was so gorgeous there... we would have loved to spend more time just sitting and relaxing by the beach side. We did go back and sit on the rocks before bed Friday night. (look below for more story)

I decided to make this one long post so here's the real reason I posted (but I figured you'd like the pics of the beach)

On our drive home we needed to stop and get gas. We got off the highway and found a gas station... they had the price posted on the big sign as normal... ok the price isn't too bad (yes it was highway robbery since we were right off the highway, but it was to be expected). We get to the gas station and realize that the price you see on the sign is the CASH ONLY price. To pay with a credit card is 6 cents more a gallon... talk about highway robbery!. We said... yeah right on to the next stop.

We go to the next exit and find more of the same. We found one station with a reasonable of price... hey wait they are out of gas. We finally got gas at the 5th station that we drove through... what is up with that?

Does anyone else find it strange that gas stations still have two prices for cash and credit. I understand they have to pay for the credit card services, but can it really cost them the equivalent of 6 cents a gallon??? Come on!



  1. WTH? I have never ever heard of this before....2 prices based on how you pay. IN Chicago they used to charge less for gas IF you got a car wash or IF you also bought a carton of smokes too, lol....but never more for credit/debit. This should be illegal...seriously.

    But amazing pics. I havent been to the beach since we got married I guess. We ARE, we ARE, we ARE going to WDW next year though....thats for darn sure! So pencil us in for a lunch date!

  2. I had heard that some places were doing that- but never ran into it myself. I love the pics!

  3. Glad you got to the beach! Cash only? I have never seen that purpose "highway robbery" before! Crazy! Who carries cash anymore? Not me...

  4. The pictures are beautiful!

    That is crazy about the cash/credit prices.. Never heard of that!

  5. That beach looks completely gorgeous!! Wow!!

  6. There are some places here that do that too. Truthfully I don't even pay much attention to it anymore. (although I probably should!) Sorry that had to be part of your vacation. Your pictures are beautiful though!

  7. Yeah, they do it cos they can get away with it! Glad you made it and didn't run out of gas.

    The pictures are lovely!

    ~ Nan

  8. Yes we have that here...drives me insane!!!!!

    Love those pics...beautiful...hope you guys had a wonderful time!

  9. I see it randomly here. It is a bunch of crap. They did a report on it in the news and they said they have to pay like 3% to the credit card companies? I think the whole gas price thing is a sham!
    Nice pics though.

  10. WOW! What a beautiful beach


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