random weekend thoughs

1. getting away is always a great break

2. getting sick while you are away makes it not so fun

3. a 3 hour drive is very long when you do it twice in two days

4. a 3 hour drive is even longer when you are having pain in your leg while driving the car (R not me)

5. having Richard home all weekend... actually a 4 day weekend is a great time

6. watching the boys play in the pool in the backyard make summer more enjoyable (yes pictures to come)

7. putting Colby down for a nap this morning and coming out to find Blake in the pool in his pajamas, made me chuckle

8. putting the aquarium back into Colby's crib only to have it go off every time he moved last night made it seem like that was a WRONG choice!

9. typing the random weekend thoughts on Sunday feels strange, but I didn't want to skip it this weekend

10. hope you are all enjoying your weekend even if it's almost over already



  1. I'm glad you enjoyed the time away- though I'm sorry to hear about R's pain and the long drive. I wish that I could giggle more when things don't go right (pj's in the pool)- I seem to snap more often lately- gotta get that under control!

  2. I hope you got a picture of Blake in his PJs in the pool:)

  3. Oh, those car rides can be miserable sometimes can't they? Glad that you got away, even if it was quick!!!

  4. Blake in the pool in his PJs is hilarious! Where's the pic of that one. hee hee


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