Florida summers

Summer is tough here in Florida. For the most part even the early mornings are pretty hot and humid. I try to get outside with the boys in the early morning, even if it's just a walk around the block. They both love to be outside, but when it's hot we can't stay out very long. Blake gets hot very fast, and so do I for that matter.

The afternoons the heat can be pretty oppressive, or else it is pouring buckets. Summer is our rainy season here. We get rain almost every afternoon from June to September around 2:30/3:00. It's caused by the heat effecting the breezes off both coasts colliding and creating havoc!

We try to play upstairs in our bonus room every day/every other day too. But, we also try not to use the air conditioner up there very much to keep the costs down. So yet again that can not be done in the late afternoons.

We have been playing a lot downstairs. Blake gets his computer time in the afternoon, which gives Colby time alone with me too. We read lots of stories, run around like crazy people, ride on the ride on trucks, play cars and whatever else the boys are in the mood to do each day.

I love the fact that they are learning to play together, and can be left to play on their own terms more and more. This provides me the opportunity to cook, clean and whatever else needs to be done. We will continue to enjoy the cooler days (that would be days where the temperature is under 93). We will enjoy playing in the pool, popping bubbles, digging in the sandbox, watching the rain pour down, stomping in the puddles, and all the other fun of a Florida summer.



  1. I remember for the few years that my parents lived in Fl and I'd visit in the summer I was always shocked at the amount of rain they got on a daily basis. Hope you can escape it alittle and enjoy some outside time without the insane temps. We've had them here lately too and with humidity added in it's just insane!

  2. N loves to be outside. Day/night, raining or not. Thankfully, we have had a pretty mild summer lately.
    But, it is nice that he can play a little on his own, too, that I can get some yard work done.
    Here is to cooler temps for you!

  3. We've had the weirdest summer ever this summer where we live. It's been unusually cooler (not cold just cooler) and we've had way more rain. Personally the temps in the high 70's low 80's instead of high 80s low 90s are fine by me. I just don't like the thunderstorms. I'm terrified of tornadoes!

  4. I'm laughing because we think it's a "cooler" day when the temp is under 93, but what a difference that makes! 96 degree weather is unbearable!
    The boys are growing up so fast!

  5. Thanks for the visit today. I agree. It's time for more shopping.

    Florida is a beautiful place. It's too bad the heat is so exhausting. 93 degrees for a low is pretty bad. Hope your able to keep cool and swim lots.

    Have a wonderful 4th!

    Five Moms and a Blog

  6. Gosh, I thought we had it bad in SC! Bless your heart! Cheers to Ice cold tea and lot's of AC. :o)

    Have a wonderful 4th of July.

  7. I would go crazy if we couldn't go outside! It gets warm here, but not that bad... I suppose we have colder winters though and spend a lot of time inside then... so it all evens out!


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