Just try it

When Blake was little, I was adamant that he was at least going to try everything he was served. I felt this was important. Well as Blake got a bit older we realized that he is picky, but he is also stubborn! I have tried to convince him to just try it. If you told him that he could get down after he tried something, he would just sit there, and none too willingly.

Here are some things we have found works for him:

eat this, get that--- try this new item (or whatever item he is refusing to eat) and you can have this other item (this works great if we are having fries or chips or something like that)

you pick the bite-- give him the choice of 3 or 4 and let him pick the piece he is going to try as his one bite

just put it in your mouth-- sometimes just getting it in his mouth is a big enough battle, even if he doesn't try to eat it... just put it in there

one for the road-- Blake often likes to take something away from the table with him... we often have him take the item he doesn't want to eat as the one for the road, or if we got him to try one bite give him the second bite as the one for the road

So what are some of the tricks you use to get your child(ren) to eat the food on their plate, and/or try new things?? Cause let me tell you.... Colby shows signs of being a pickier eater than Blake



  1. I am guilty of shoving stuff in E's mouth just to get her to taste it.

  2. So far, Ryan is still a great eater. I love your suggestions though. I may need them later on down the road!

  3. Jacob is incredibly picky but he's my only one so far. I mean really really picky!!!! He'll eat some kinds of chicken,sloppy joes,hot dogs(not on the grill because he doesn't like grill marks),grilled cheese,tater tots. He won't even eat fries now and used to love them. Geez..wish I could figure out how to make them eat...if I figure it out I'll let you know :)

  4. Love the new layout...

    We use some of the same tricks. My picky eater, who is now four, is really starting to come around. Just yesterday she asked to try roast beef. All the hard work is starting to pay off.

  5. Great ideas! Sometimes Jason will eat some and then carry on about how yummy and good it is. This usually makes him curious enough to try. I also tell him he will be a big boy like daddy if he eats it and will grow great big muscles. And of course he wants to be just like his daddy! Sometimes we say something like "Oh ok, well we will just give it to Noah B at school." Noah is his BFF and soemtimes that works wonders...lol.
    Most always though we do like you. Tell him eat a few mor bites of such and such and he can have some more whatever. Overall though he's gotten a lot less picky.

  6. Honestly, nothing worked until Taylor was old enough (4) to understand what I and the doc told her. You will try at least one bite or eat nothing for that meal. You will not eat any meal until you try the one bite of whatever food it is we're having. If that means you go to bed and have that one bite for breakfast, then so be it. So far, we've never had to get to skipping meals. But this didn't work at all until she was 4.

  7. Ashlyn has been a pretty good eater for the most part- with Riley, I let him put ketchup on everything and then he will eat it (but if I remember Blake doesn't eat ketchup so that doesn't help)

  8. Lyndsy is a terribly picky eater. She comes by it naturally. Steve and I were/are both picky (although I've grown out of it a lot). We've done most of the tricks you have plus Lyndsy loves ketchup. We also tell her to wash it down with her water. That helps too.

  9. Jack is the same, depending on his mood and how hungry he is he can be really picky too! I don't have any ideas for getting him to try things, I do a couple of the thngs that you do, but I love all your other suggestions!

  10. I have a very picky eater on my hands, too. I wish I had some words of wisdom, but none found here. I get so frustrated and upset. There are days when all he has had was peanut butter! My son does not eat ANY type of meat. Nope, not even hot dogs.
    I have been qulity of what Danielle said. When he is crying I put something in his mouth. Which of course makes him cry more. But there are a few times when he remembers he actually likes what I have put in there. It is usually yogurt or oatmeal.
    The one thing I find is that if I put him in his highchair with some food and walk away, sometimes he does a lot better than with me being in the room.
    Here's to hoping we get better eaters!


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