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Do you ever feel like there is a need for new words? I mean people have done this all through time. Yes, I know that the English language has more words than it needs. Yes, we have too many words that mean the same thing or have too many meanings. Yes, I get that... but there are times when you just create your own word, either for a laugh or for a purpose.

Come on you know you've done it. Over the years some of these words have taken hold. How do you think the word brunch came about? In our house we often have linner too (or lupper depending on the mood).... you know that meal that serves as lunch and dinner/supper. Sometimes these words happen on purpose and sometimes on accident.

On Friday, Richard and I stopped at Olive Garden for lunch, got to love soup, salad and bread sticks. Two older ladies sat down at the table behind us (note from my beach post that I enjoy people watching). These ladies were... umm... shall we say... not tiny. They ordered water with a plate of lemons... yes they were making their own lemonade. Anyway... when the water came they asked for extra napkins. When we were leaving Richard asked me if I noticed why they asked for the extra napkins and I said... no. He then said well one had it tucked into her shirt and the other had it laying on her chest, no her belly, well they were sort of one and the same. So I looked at him without skipping a beat and said... on her chelly?? After a second he began laughing and said... I like that one. Yes, she did have a chelly.

See there was a need for a new word. Come on you know you are laughing thinking of the people who you've seen who's chest and belly as pretty much the same size and well touching. You know those people who have a chelly!

Have you ever created a new word that just stuck??



  1. Uh... making lemonade? Did they order food? lol.

    I have made up words my entire life. lol. "poowady" like, it scared the poowady out of me. Dumb, but its the first one that came to mind. :)

  2. we make up crazy words around here all the time- but I can't seem to think of one now....they never stick though, we just up new stuff next time....

  3. We love OG! Yum.
    Yes, we make up our own words too. Usually because the kids have run something together that they didn't mean too, but still funny and sticks.

  4. Okay, first chelly really made me laugh! I mean out loud laugh, were both kids looked at me!

    We make up words too, mostly words that the kids come up with, or just words the way they pronounce them.

  5. That's funny! I love people watching...david calls me nosy but I can't help it :)

  6. When I was pregnant I just called in my shelf. I'll have to remember that one.

  7. Well, when the kids were little and mispronounced words and stuff like that. But I don't know that we do anything now.

    Now see, you're asking me to think, lol!

    ~ Nan

  8. We mostly make up words from the kids pronouncing them wrong. My son's soother is "essay" now.

    Another example of a new name for a body part (I didn't make it up but it's funny) "Cankle" meaning an ankle that is as thick as the calf.

  9. Our family makes new words. Sort of. Actually, we just have a bad habit of switching stuff around. The two that have stuck:

    Put your belt seat on. (Silly, but it has stuck.)

    And, "curmmon cotesy" - which is the new way we say ::common courtesy::.

    Strange, I know. But I think I am def going to incorporate Chelly into my vocab.

  10. totally laughed at chelly! and ive used lupper/linner before. maybe its a new england thing! lol


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