random weekend thoughs (the 4th of July version)

1. Hot dogs+ hamburgers + corn on the grill = yummy dinner

2. Red + white + blue = clothes for everyone (- red for me as I don't look good in red)

3. Fireworks + dog petrified of loud noises = long night!

4. Pops goes the Fourth + Capital 4th fireworks = tv shows on 4th of July

5. July 4th + 90 degree plus weather = normal?

6. Fireworks + rain = quiet night = happy dog

7. 4th of July + Disney = spectacular display (not that we get to go there either)

8. 9pm fireworks display + 2 toddlers = watching fireworks from the front yard with the monitor nearby.

Hope you all have a safe and happy holiday. (for those who celebrate)



  1. Many dogs are afraid of fireworks...I wonder why some are and some are not. I have never owned a dog...so i am just wondering.
    We will be in red white and blue clothing today too.

  2. Yup, fireworks are at 10:15 pm here.. yeah, like we can go see that, huh? lol.. We sported our red, white and blue today too. :)

  3. Our dog is horrified of fireworks!!!!! He heard the pop things at 5 and started shaking right away. He's been in bed for a couple of hours now! HOpe you guys had an awesome day!

  4. Late night fireworks are definately a challenge with little kids! Allie and Jack made it but were exhausted! Thank goodness Tuffy isn't affraid of fireworks, it is his one redeeming quality *LOL*! Hope you had a great weekend!

  5. My lab's FREAK OUT so bad that they will dig out and run off when people shoot fireworks. We have to put them in the garage to keep them a little sane.

    Hope you had a great weekend.


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