random weekend thoughs


1. Thank you all for your prayers and wishes in regards to Blake's surgery... he did a lot better than we expected and has had little to no side effects.

2. Colby has been fighting a low grade fever... we think he may be teething.... oh JOY

3. Trying to convince the boys to go to sleep is never easy when one is crying

4. Playing with the boys is always fun. I love to watch they play and hear them laugh

5. Watching the Tour de France is always interesting, but those guys are crazy! The scenery is beautiful, but they live in such a different world

6. When rocking, soothing, driving around in the car and anything else you can think of doesn't work to get a child to sleep... what do you try then??

7. Getting the power bill after an unusually high temp month is a shock... and we keep the temp in the house a lot higher than most... I can't imagine what it would be in the houses where they keep the temp in the low 70s... eek!

8. Getting a new battery for my camera was a great decision. We could take more than 5 pictures without the battery dying.

9. Having a lazy weekend is always a treat... I'm off to go claim my space on the couch!

Have a great weekend


  1. Thank God everything went well with Blake. I am not looking forward to our power bill this month. And I LOVE lazy weekends, have a great time.

  2. I really feel your pain about the elecric bil....grrr! Glad Blake's procedure went well. Enjoy being lazy...those are the best kidns of weekends!

  3. I'm glad that everything went well with Blake - I'm sorry to hear Colby is still fighting the fever though. Enjoy that couch time!

  4. Our electric bill is bad enough. I can't imagine a bill from Florida!

  5. The Progress Energy rate hikes haven't helped either! I love laid back weekends!! I hope you enjoyed yours!


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