Ok I found one thing that REALLY gets harder once you have kids... packing. Ok so this isn't the first time we've gone away, but I think it the first time I've posted about this. When you are single, or even just married... packing is simple. You pick out what clothes you need, shoes, health and beauty products pack them neatly into a carrying device and you are good to go... no??

Not so easy when you have kiddos. I created a list of what to pack:
both boys:
clothes, sneakers, sandals, water shoes, sunscreen, meds, cups, silverware, bathing suits, bath stuff, books, cars, swim diapers, hats, monitor, gate, wipes, pillows, snacks, plates & bowls, carriage
swim vest, blanket, pull-ups, sunglasses
float, diapers, booster seat, pack n play, extra sheet, pacifiers, bath towel, yogurts, shakes, apple sauce
Abby: (yes we are taking the dog too)
food, bed, leash, dishes, treats
Richard and I:
clothes, bathing suits, water shoes, HBA, meds, camera, cell phones, chargers, my pillow, books, sunglasses, hats

This is for a trip to my in-laws this weekend... the challenge is once you get everything it doesn't matter how long the trip it you still need everything. Oh well it's good practice for our vacation in October

Then there is the whole pack a snack for the car, and things to entertain the boys for the 3.5 hr drive... we are hoping they will nap


  1. I made a list too for our trip to St. Louis! I had a list for me, for Mike, & for Ryan. It took me DAYS to pack it seemed. I agree it was so much easier when it was just the 2 of us. Even just with one little one, there is so much more stuff. It's easier now that he's a toddler...less infant stuff, but he still used a whole suitcase...LOL!!!

  2. Yeah, I feel like I need an extra car just for kiddo stuff. lol.
    I have made ONE overnight trip because our gas wasn't working so we didn't have heat or hot water. And we got by with the bare minimum, but it totally sucked.

  3. Oh yes been there done that. It's crazy!!!!!!

  4. I find packing so crazy that I created a spreadsheet and I print it out so I can check off on the list as I go- it has at least helped with the "oh crap I forgot...." factor, but still a pain to pack!

  5. I so get it! I just got back and now I'm UN-packing. I'm not sure which is worse!!!! Good luck and have fun!

  6. we always end up running to the store for something we forgot. LOL

  7. I know what you mean. I pack to stay at my mom's for a night or two here and there and it is a PROCESS! Hope you have fun! Vacay in October?


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