Pantry Raid

With the economy still on it's ever spiraling downward motion, we have had to make some changes in our spending. Since we only have one income we try to pick and choose what we spend our money on, but still live life to the best we can! I do a majority of my grocery shopping at Publix, our local grocery store. We also shop for diapers, meats, and other items that we can buy in bulk at BJ's. I usually try to pop up to the Walmart Neighborhood Market in the middle of the week to pick up more milk and any other little things we need.

I have found some items that are generally cheaper at Walmart, but I prefer to do my major shopping at Publix. Some of the prices of food these days are OUTRAGEOUS!! One thing that I have begun doing is buying more generic food items. I decided to look in my pantry and share my thoughts with you as to what does and doesn't work as a generic item (in our opinion). I'll do a fridge raid next week (0:

Things that we've found work really well as generics:
rice (white and brown)
pretzels (we prefer these actually!)
maple syrup

The things that we've found that don't work for us:
cereal... I've tried 2 or 3 kinds and they just don't taste right to me

I know we've tried more, but that is what we had in there right now... I'll share more another week. My goal is to try 1 or 2 new generic items each week.

What pantry items do you buy generic of? What have you tried that just doesn't work for you?



  1. I agree- I try to buy generic if possible, but cereal and soda are just different tasting in the generic form. I buy generic parm. cheese (in the shaker) and don't even notice a difference. But soda/cereal- for some reason you can tell with those!

  2. i find when I need a lot of stuff/condiments I go to the super walmart otherwise i will stick to the local sales. its all crazy prices and varies even from one store to the next!

    i agree with you on the cereal, usually if we have soda it is name brand as its usually cheaper(on sale). i won't buy generic miracle whip(actually ive never really tried it) and it has to be Kraft mac and cheese. most other things i will buy generic if there isn't a sale (or i have a coupon)

  3. I also try to buy generic whenever I can. I find that food you mix or cook with (i.e. oil, canned veggies & fruits, pasta, tomato sauce, tuna, sour cream, cheese, spices, etc.) is good generic.

    Food that you taste on it's own (i.e. cola, cereal, Kraft Dinner, yogurt, etc.) is better to buy name brand.

  4. we do generic ketchup, real butter, popcorn. I have to buy Kraft singles, oscar mayer beef hotdogs, Kraft salad dressing & cereal too.

  5. I buy a lot of generic. I don't like generic soda or generic cookies. I know there are others but I can't think of them. I do buy generic cereal and that is one that actually doesn't bother me. Hope it continues saving you money.

  6. I agree with you on a lot of these. I am a huge coupon clipper and if it's not on sale or a coupon I try not to buy it. Groceries are outrageous these days. Thanks for the tips!

  7. Yep cereal and soda a no go. Another thing for me I can do generic of is dry coffee creamer, just not the same.


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