random weekend thoughs


You know you are a parent of toddlers when....

1. You have 2 alarm clocks: 1 that makes music or buzzes to wake you up and the other that cries, screams, talks or babbles to wake you up

2. You don't set alarm clock #1 on the weekends and hope clock #2 doesn't go off until after 7am

3. You think 7am is sleeping in

4. You have priceless works of abstract art on your refrigerator

5. The whole top shelf of your fridge is filled with milk

6. Seeing cheerios on the floor is a normal sight

7. Getting a weed as a gift is precious

8. Your entertainment center drawers are filled with trucks, puzzles, balls, musical instruments, and other assorted items that have nothing to do with watching tv or listening to music

9. You've mastered jumping over gates to get around the house

10. Seeing sippy and straw cups in every room of the house is a norm

I could go on and on and on... but what are the things that make you go... yep you are a parent when...???



  1. haha...isn't that the truth!

  2. Ok so I am not a parent yet, but I do think that some moms are parents when they can console one child, write a blog post, and answer the phone. Can't wait for the day :o

  3. So true, especially the "sleeping in" until 7 am!

    I'll add one more:
    You know you are a parent of toddlers when the only movie you have seen in the past few months is Finding Nemo, about 100 times!

  4. I was nodding, smiling, and saying "yes" to all of those! And, hey, your showing up in my google reader now!

  5. AMEN! I love the sleeping in one and the alarm clock. I don't remember the last time I set my alarm...I have a kiddo now!

  6. Oh so true! LOL
    I miss sleeping in sooooo bad!

  7. The gate one got me. We still keep one up at night to contain Stunt Man.

  8. 100 I agree! I was like.. yep, yes and FOR SURE to each one of your bullets. :)

  9. Ours are sippy cups and goldfish crackers. I so hear ya!

  10. Loved 1,2 and three. Oh so true, I think everyday could we please sleep until 7:00.


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