random weekend thoughs

1. I'm really enjoying Tasty Tuesday. It's fun to try out new recipes and share them with friends

2. It's fun to work on a recipe and think... hey I could do this to make it better!

3. Richard is working crazy hours this week... he worked over 60 hours between Monday and Friday... and is back to work today

4. Richard and I started P90X this week (then stopped when his life got too crazy). I can't believe I'm choosing to get up at 5am to workout.

5. If you've tried P90X, you know that it is a crazy workout and if you don't get in shape doing it, you are doing something wrong

6. I also got a mountain bike last weekend. This means lots of bike trips with the boys. (but I'm not ready to hook the bike trailer up to my bike just yet... I'll leave that to Richard)

7. I've come to the conclusion that for the most part Colby has given up his morning nap and Blake has given up napping.

8. Blake asked to go the bathroom the other day and actually did! I'm not pushing it yet, but at least that was a positive direction to travel

9. I've been getting outside with the boys everyday. It's still crazy hot here, but at least they are active and moving even if it can only be 30 minutes

10. Going to my mom's to celebrate my brother's birthday today.

Hope you all have a great weekend


  1. I haven't heard of that work out. Hope your brother has a great birthday.

  2. I have a friend doing P90X too...what a workout! Ryan and I are going outside every day too even if it's only for a few min. He gets so bored in the house now!

  3. I don't know what P90X is but I'm going to google it! I neeeeed to get back in shape! Good for you!

  4. Haven't heard of the new workout but anything that can make you get up at 5 must be good.

    I love your Tasty Tuesday....enjoying it!!!

  5. Never heard of that workout, but maybe I should. Hope you had a nice visit with your mom and brother.

    We are actually cooler here lately, kind of nice.

  6. Good for you guys tackling P90X! I hear it's a tough one. I just finished the P90 program a month ago and now I've moved on to Chalene Extreme. I'm loving it. I also get up in the early A.M. before everyone to get my workouts done. I find I have more energy for the day and it's MY hour!

  7. i love your tasty tuesday too! its crazy hot here as well...avery went out with dh yesterday morning for 10 mins then told him it was too hot and came back in!


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