random weekend thoughs

1. Having a get together today with our tailgating friends... always fun!

2. Trying to find time to watch my shows when Blake isn't napping is interesting.

3. Blake is making great progress with his speech, still a slow process, but it is a process

4. Colby is beginning to get into everything, anyone remember when the "I must dump everything" phase ends??

5. It is great to get outside and play with the boys... they have such a great time out there

6. Getting out on my bike for a ride is a great escape even if it's only a few minutes

7. P90X is kicking butt and taking names, but it is a good pain

8. Sucking the ink out of a navy blue marker does not create blue poop... don't ask!

9. Seeing Blake get excited about learning is exciting to me

10. Watching Colby try to keep up with his brother scares me and excites me all at the same time. Let me tell you that child will be the one in the er more (o:


  1. Allie is all over the place now too...keeping up with her is a full time job as if I didn't have one already :)

  2. Can't help you on the "dump-it" thing. Jillian is 17mo and she is like a little hurricane. She pretty much pulls out and dumps everything (never really playing with any of it) and leave a trail of destruction in her wake.

  3. The "dump everything" phase is still going strong around here, even with my 3 year old. He loves to pull out EVERY. SINGLE. TOY. and make a giant pile! I figured out a way to get them to clean it up...we have a race, who can put all the toys away the fastest!

  4. We are in the take everything out and then not pick it up phase or walk out of the room and leave the light on phase. I won't ask about the blue poop. :)

  5. I have really wanted to try that Butt kicking work out I have heard so much about... I am scared though!!!

  6. So glad to hear Blake is making progress. We are working on night potty training over here and it's slow too. But they will get there, that I know!


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