another crazy weekend

These weekends wear me out! Friday night Richard ended up working late (which really stinks since he originally thought he'd get home around 1:30). Once he got home we quick had dinner and then he mowed the lawn before the boys went to bed. We then started packing the stuff for tailgating on Saturday, and making sure he had everything to fly out on Sunday.

Saturday morning, Richard had to run to the bike shop to pick my bike up, it was in for routine maintenance. Colby and I stayed home to pack the cooler and everything else so Richard could leave at 11 to go tailgating. I stayed home until 3 and then met up with Richard. My dad came over and watched the boys so we could go to the game. It was so nice to not roast while tailgating.

Richard and I got home a bit after midnight. UCF lost and we froze! (We left our sweatshirts in the car. I was glad I had capri's and a long sleeve shirt on, man the wind whips around the bowl.) Then we stayed up until 1:45ish packing his stuff for his flight.

6:30am on Sunday morning the alarm went off and we were up and going again. Richard had a 10:30 flight out to Kentucky and will be gone until Friday. The boys and I dropped him off at the airport and then drove out to my parents to celebrate my mother's birthday.

The weather here has been crazy. Last weekend we were having record highs in the mid 90s. Sunday we didn't get out of the 60s. Yes I know in other parts of the country you'd be jumping for joy to see the 60s again, but come on a 20+ drop in temp is a bit much. I actually had to turn the heat on in the house for the overnight lows. CRAZY!


  1. Our heat clicked on too and I was like, "Mike, what's that noise?" The heat always sounds terrible the first time it comes on for the season...ha! I wouldn't change it though. We need the change!

  2. We were in the 60s this morning and I was loving it! My perfect temps are right around 70.

    Sounds like you had a busy and fun weekend!

  3. Wow you were busy like us this weekend. I hope Richard has a safe trip and that you all have a good week while he is away.


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