Blake's speech

Well I haven't talked about Blake's speech in a while so I thought I'd update everyone. Blake is doing a lot better with his articulation. He is gaining more and sounds and now more words that are closer to correct articulation. We are focusing on consonant-vowel and vowel-consonant words and clearing up his long and short vowel sounds.

Over the last few weeks we have come to realize that Blake has some major oral planning issues. His mouth has trouble knowing where the lips, tongue and mouth need to be to form each letter. As an adult you take for granted saying sentences, never mind words and even individual sounds. Blake is having to learn how to move his mouth to form the sounds correctly, and this is not easy.

I get so excited when I hear him saying more words even if they are word approximations. When I can understand what he is trying to say it makes life so much easier.

I recently had a meeting with our school district about Blake. When he turns 3 he falls under the public school umbrella. In November, he will begin receiving speech at our local elementary school twice a week for 30 minutes each session. At this time, we are planning on continuing his speech with his other therapist also. Unfortunately this cost will now be out of pocket for us, but Richard and I feel that this continuity will be beneficial for Blake. It will also mean that he will have speech 3 days a week for 30 minutes a day... and that should be so worth it!

It's crazy to me that in only a few weeks Blake will be turning three. My goal for him is that he will be speaking clearly before he starts pre-K which won't be until 2011. I want him to be able to get the most of out his schooling and be able to shine and not shy away because he isn't understood... I don't think that's too much to ask... is it?


  1. Getting him help early is the key and you are doing a great job with him. I know he will be ready even before then because you work so hard with him. The speech classes are going to help so much. Awesome!

  2. That is good news that you are beginning to see changes. Receiver still says Fumn for thumb and Fank you for Thank you..I have to remind him alot to make the TH sound. Im glad that he will get speech through the public school. That is awesome!

  3. Koodos to you for getting him the help he needs. Early intervention will make it so much easier for him later. My nephew had articulation issues when he was younger. He speaks perfectly now. I'm sure Blake will be speaking well long before preschool because you care to get so involved.

  4. Glad he will be getting the help he needs for speech, but it sucks it is out of pocketfor you. What state do you live in? Some states offer that help for free, but I guess not all of them do that.

  5. I'm glad things are coming along. You are great parents to be so involved in helping your children.

  6. I am so glad to hear Blake is doing well. That is great that he will receieve services 3 days a week- early intervention makes such a difference. I know that the speech my K kids receieved never seemed to be enough.

  7. That sounds like a wonderful plan Lori. And I think that isn't too much to ask at all and with caring and informed parents like you and Richard that goal is more than achievable.

    So glad he's making progress! Atta boy Blake!


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