Red octagonal decoration?

(Seems like Thursdays have become my, vent about what's on my mind day lately... oh well bare with me and my ramblings )

We live in a rather calm neighborhood. Richard and I (ok more Richard than I... but still) are involved in the HOA and try to keep up to date on what is going on with everything. A few years ago our HOA put speed bumps into our neighborhood... yes we were having a bit of an issue with speeding and needed to do something, but let me tell you these bumps were well terrible.These speed bumps were worse than the ones you find in shopping centers. I called them WalMart Speed Bumps, because well that's where you'd see this type of bump/that's where they may as well have bought them from.

When you entered the neighborhood, through gates, you went over THREE speed bumps. Then came to a four way stop (that is 2 houses down the street from our house). Then depending on which way you go you will encounter another speed bump or two.

Our HOA has decided that we need to take these speed bumps out and put in speed tables, wider flatter bumps. They are also adding in more stop signs, all the cross roads will be 4 way/ 3 way stops now.

I wonder if the people will realize that those pretty red octagonal signs actually mean to stop. I can't tell you how often I see cars roll through the stop sign (no matter if they are going left, right or straight). But, what is even worse is the cars that don't even bother to stop.

The people who go and complain at the HOA meetings blame these actions (speeding, not stopping etc...) on the college kids who live in the neighborhood. Let me tell you that yes, there are some who do, but most of the people who I see blow through the stop sign are parents with kids in the car. This bugs me to no end!

I don't understand why parents don't see how bad of an example they are setting for their children when they can't obey simple rules of the road in their own neighborhood. Is there really a need to speed a 35+ miles/hour in a residential neighborhood? Do you really want your children to think that the stop signs are just mere suggestions? Do you really think it's ok to put your child in jeopardy by breaking the laws that are set in place to keep you and others safe??



  1. My boys let me know if I go though a stop sign without completely stoping, and they are 2 and 4. LOL

  2. Yes, that is a bad example! We live right beside a playground zone and we see people speed through it all the time! If I see them I'll raise my hands at them like WTH? They look at me dumbfounded! Like they didn't see the bright yellow sign and the playground and the kids??? It makes me scared to even walk along the sidewalk with my kids.

  3. So true! If everyone obeyed the law then we wouldn't need things like speed bumps!

  4. I grew up in a development but live on my own little planet now. I don't think I could go back to that again. I know my parents always struggled with people driving too fast etc. Hopefully your neighborhood will figure out solutions that everyone can live with and obey.


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